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This article covers some of the key functional changes that were introduced with the later versions of the CIMcloud platform (when compared to the older “Classic” Website Pipeline or CIMcloud application you may currently be running on). It is intended to help you prepare for any changes or impact to your day-to-day operations of the platform (and/or the way you manage data / content).  Although these changes are all intended to improve the platform and your experience, sometimes change (even for the better) can be painful while you get used to the new way of operating.

Target Audience for This Article

This article is intended for customers who are live on a “Classic” version of the Website Pipeline or CIMcloud platform and are migrating to the latest version of CIMcloud.

Key Changes

The following changes were made on newer versions of the CIMcloud platform.

  • Web Driver – Web Driver was replaced with the Worker Portal and 5 major Workspaces
  • Superusers – Superusers were replaced with either:
    • Workers/Worker Logins – are typically employees or contractors that you allow to access the CIMcloud application to view / manage customer data (CRM Workspace) and/or view and manage the content and settings that drive the CIMcloud application.  The uses can be configured to access any or all of the Workspaces in the Worker Portal.  Worker logins are included with the base CIMcloud platform (SMall Business Edition is capped at 5 Workers, Standard Edition and above include 15 Workers with the ability to pay for additional worker logins).
    • Power Customers – your end customers that access a public website or B2B portal and login to access data, logins, and workflows from more than one Customer Account (ERP customer).  Power Customers is an optional add-on bundle.
  • URLs – There are new URLs  in use for production, staging, and development “branches” of the CIMcloud platform.
  • Standard Templates – The platform comes with configurable, mobile-friendly design templates for the B2B customer portal, the anonymous / retail customer sites, the worker portal, and focused transaction flows (order checkout, invoice payments, etc) that switch to a streamlined “focus template”.
  • Nav Links on Customer Sites – Only standard navigation links are included with the default install of CIMcloud.  You will need to supersede them or add net new links if you have custom links and pages you want displayed on your customer sites.
  • Nav Links in Worker Portal – Our traditional navigation links were replaced with versioned “application nav links” in the Worker Portal.  Some links can be turned off in Application Settings.  The application also supports creating and managing new custom links (that show up in a section at the bottom of the existing navigation links).
  • Caching – We introduced caching (a process of statically storing data and/or code that changes less frequently to speed up load times when it is served to users) which requires some extra steps in order to actually “publish” and see the changes.
  • Self-Service Features & Settings – this is a major enhancement that was made to allow you greater control of features and settings along with the ability to specify who (customers and/or workers) sees them.
  • CRM workspace – A base CRM Workspace is now included with the platform allowing your Workers (customer service reps, sales reps, etc) to access customers and their order, shipment, AR billing, and web usage-style data.
  • CRM Worker Flows – Additional workflows were added into various spots in the CRM workspace allowing for each access to create quotes, create orders, make invoices payments, and impersonate customer logins.
  • Image File Size – We made some changes to the default / recommended image file size requirements (for product images, etc) to make images work better on mobile devices.



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