Migration Quick Reference Guide


This article serves as a “quick reference” guide to help center articles specifically created to help CIMcloud customers successfully complete a Classic-to-Current “Migration” project.  

Who Is This Reference Guide For?

Whether you’re in the middle of your migration project (and looking to confirm or refine your approach) or just getting started, these materials can help you improve your overall migration project experience.

The “Backbone” Article

The Classic-to-Current Migration Process article serves as the backbone help center article for your overall migration project.  All other articles listed below are included (directly or indirectly) in the Migration Process article.

This is a simple list of the key help center articles, organized by topic, specifically created for migration projects.

Defining Your Migration Project / Goals

Key Things to Expect

Planning Your Project & Timeline

Understanding Your Content/Data Management Work

Onboarding Your Three (3) Key People / Roles

Getting Help

What Is a Migration?

Migration” is the term we use to describe moving a customer from a “Classic” version of Website Pipeline or CIMcloud to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform.  A Migration involves deploying a new CIMcloud platform (with your add-on features / bundles enabled), installing a second instance of the ERP sync tool, copying data and images / files from your existing classic platform to the new platform, and then supporting you as you complete self-service implementation and go live steps.  After go-live, your classic platform is shut down / removed and the classic instance of your ERP sync tool is uninstalled (if applicable).

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