Migration Project Manager Onboarding Checklist


This article provides a checklist of onboarding tasks that need to be completed by the Project Manager during Stage 0 of a Classic-to-Current Migration project.

Target Audience for This Article

This article is intended for CIMcloud customers that have scheduled (signed up for) or are in the initial stages of a Migration process to move from an older “classic” version of Website Pipeline or CIMcloud to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform.

In the wrong spot? If you are a brand new CIMcloud customer working on a net new implementation, you’re in the wrong spot.  Please go to this Project Manager Onboarding Checklist.

Project Manager Onboarding Checklist

Read each of these articles, watch the included videos, and compete any tasks listed in the articles to complete the Project Manager Onboarding.

  • Complete the Migration Orientation Checklist
  • Make Sure You Know What Extra Work is In Scope (Get This From Your Program Manager)
  • Make Sure The Extra Work Is Ordered, Scheduled, and Included in Your Plan (If Applicable)
    • Note: A typical part of the preparation for a Migration project is completed a customization inventory (and then audit – which is billable) to determine if you have any customizations on your existing classic platform that you want migrated to the new CIMcloud platform.
    • Note: If you have customization work that needs to be migrated, make sure you get a Statement of Work from the CIM Pro Services group and place your order / coordinate the scheduling of that work in Stage 0 of your project.
  • Complete The 3 Steps to Setup Your First Project *
    • * Warning: The above article was written for a brand new implementation of CIMCloud (not for a Classic-to-Current Migration Project), so some of the linked-to resources do not apply. The 3 steps listed in this article (and the video content) are, however, directly applicable to a migration project.
  • Establish Your First (Next) Project Check-In Call
  • Consider Using Professional Services (by an Implementation Partner) for Fill In Any Gaps

About The Project Manager

The Project Manager’s job is plan and run a project.  You migration project needs a Project Manager to ensure success.  The Project Manager’s job is to make sure the project has a clear target / goal, has a clearly written plan to hit the target, has the resources needed to work the plan, and makes sure the scope is delivered on-time and on budget.  This Critical Roles (Job Functions) By Stage article has more details on the Project Manager role (and many other roles).

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