Migration Implementer Onboarding Checklist


This article reviews what the Implementer roles are and provides a checklist of onboarding tasks that need to be completed by the Implementer(s) during a Classic-to-Core Migration project, including:

  • The Lead Implementer (during Stage 1 of the migration project), and
  • All other Implementers (during Stage 2 of the migration project)
    • Note: This is the first thing they should do upon receiving their Worker login

If you are responsible for any of the job functions referenced in “About The Implementer(s)” section below, this onboarding checklist will help you get introduced with the CIMcloud platform.

Target Audience for This Article

This article is intended for CIMcloud customers that have scheduled (signed up for) or are in the initial stages of a Migration process to move from an older “classic” version of Website Pipeline or CIMcloud to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform.

In the wrong spot? If you are a brand new CIMcloud customer working on a net new implementation, you’re in the wrong spot.  Please go to this Implementer Onboarding Checklist.

Implementer Onboarding Checklist

Read each of these articles, watch the included videos, and compete any tasks listed in the articles to complete the Implementer Onboarding.

* Lead Implementer Only – tasks marked with an asterisk should by completed by the Lead Implementer only.

Before the New Platform Is Deployed

After the New Platform Is Deployed (Summary)

This is the summary of the steps you should take to quickly get familiar with some of the basic operations of the new CIMcloud platform and the sync with your ERP system ** .  See the “… (Details)” section below for a warning and links to details and video demos.

  • Login to the Worker Portal, as the “Admin” Worker, for The First Time
  • Browse the Worker Portal
  • Pick an Active Customer, Browse the Account Detail, and Impersonate Their Login
  • Pick a Test Customer, Edit Address Line 1, and Verify it Syncs to CIMcloud
  • Create a New Test Product Category
  • Edit a Product and View It On Your Customer Site
  • Delete the Test Product Category (optional)
  • Create a New Customer Contact then Login and Browse the Customer Site With It
  • Place an Order on a Test Account and Verify It Syncs into Sage
  • Invoice & Ship That Test Order in Sage and Verify It Syncs to CIMcloud
  • Understand How Features & Settings Work By Turning On and Off the Product Description

** This article and the videos in the linked article (below) both assume you are using a Standard ERP Sync Connector like Sage 100.  3rd Party Connectors like Sage 300, Sage 500, Sage X3, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics AX require CIM Pro Services and may involve deviations from the steps and videos shown (mainly regarding the ERP interactions).

After the New Platform Is Deployed (Details)

Warning: The article you are about to access / link to was written for net new CIMcloud customers.  All of the detailed steps still apply to a migration project.

The details on each step listed above, including video demonstrations, can be found in this separate article that was written for brand new CIMcloud customers completing a net new implementation project.  Since the onboarding steps are the same, you can link to this article and scroll down to the “After The Platform Is Deployed (Details on Each Step)” section.  When using that article, please ignore any references / links that do not apply to your migration project.

About The Implementer(s)

This article provides details on the implementer roles and responsibilities.


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