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The Platform “Administrator” Worker Login


The platform Administrator login is a special worker login that comes automatically with the CIMcloud platform.  The platform administrator worker login is preconfigured to:

  • See all workspaces and features in the Worker Portal
  • Have worker login management abilities (see below)

How The Administrator is Assigned

The administrator login is “assigned” by adding someone’s email address to that actual “administrator” worker in the Settings Workspace of the CIMcloud Worker Portal.  The email address is initially set by a CIMcloud Customer Success Manager when the platform is first deployed.  After that, anyone with Worker Login Management Abilities can change the email address.

Who Should Be the Administrator?

The administrator login is typically assigned to your Lead Implementer, but could be anyone.  Make sure the person you assign as the CIMcloud Platform Administrator is a trusted person on your team.

Use a Named Worker Login for Day-To-Day Work

We recommend that you only use named worker logins for day-to-day use of CIMcloud.  Technically, anyone can use the administrator login, but there is inherent tracking on activity in the CIMcloud platform that is more usable if all workers use named logins.  It is recommended that after you initially login as the administrator worker and invite other workers, you essentially “park” the administrator login and only use it if you need it.

Worker Login Management Abilities

This is a special set of abilities that allows a worker to manage worker logins.  For more information, go to Worker Login Management Abilities.

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