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This Migration Orientation Checklist is intended to guide and align everyone involved in your project to migrate from a “Classic” version of Website Pipeline or CIMcloud to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform.  All critical business and technical people, that will be involved in (or responsible / accountable for) getting you migrated to (and live on) the new CIMcloud platform, should complete the checklist below.

Migration Orientation Checklist

Read each of these articles (and watch any associated videos) to complete the Migration Orientation.

CIMcloud Basics

This part of the checklist helps you get up to speed on CIMcloud and some general best practices.

* Warning: The “Bonus” articles marked with a * above were written for brand new CIMcloud implementation projects (not migration projects).  They are listed here because the basic content applies and is helpful, but the specific references to steps/tasks and related (linked) articles do not directly apply to migration projects.

Migration Basics

This part of the checklist helps you learn best practices and what to expect on your migration project.




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