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For the last four years, CIMcloud has been investing heavily in R&D and service deliverability efforts to provide a best-in-class platform and experience for our customers. The result is our current offering, CIMcloud 2020.R2, and the upcoming release, CIMcloud 2021. The new platform has been a transformational shift for our customers in terms of functionality, usability and ongoing support.

If you are here, your current website is likely running on a legacy version of our product, and you have decided to migrate to CIMcloud 2020.

Due to current demand, our product deployment team is booked 1-2 months in advance. Please schedule your migration using the link above to secure the next available deployment.

The Migration Process

  1. Schedule your migration – contact your CIMcloud Account Manager to schedule your migration
  2. CIMcloud Deploys your new site – our Product Deployment Team deploys our standard product & Sage 100 ERP integration
  3. CIMcloud Migrates your data and Sage 100 ERP integration – your website data and Sage 100 ERP integration is migrated to your CIMcloud 2020.R2 website
  4. *Optional – Our CIM Professional Services Group implements any custom design or development on your CIMcloud 2020.R2 website.
  5. Complete Self-Guided Onboarding – In App checklists and our new Help Center will guide you through onboarding to CIMcloud 2020.R2. Support is available from our Product Orientation Team.
  6. Go Live when you are ready

What’s Included With Your Migration?

Before you begin your CIMcloud 2020.R2 implementation, it’s important to understand what you are getting from CIMcloud. 

The following services are included with migration of your Classic website to CIMcloud 2020.R2:

  1. Deployment of the CIMcloud Platform (including any optional bundles you purchased)
  2. Deployment of the Standard ERP Sync (note: only for Sage 100 ERP, non-Sage 100 integrations require professional services)
  3. Data Migration from your Classic Site to CIMcloud 2020.r2
  4. Access to Self-Service General Orientation Materials
  5. Access To Self-Service Onboarding Materials
  6. Access to Self-Service Implementation Materials
  7. Access to Onboarding Support Via Our Help Desk / Ticketing System

The following articles provide additional (supplemental) details.

Worker Licenses 

With the release of CIMcloud 2019.r1, the role of Worker was introduced. This replaces the features previously referred to as Super Users. Users with a Worker role are employees of the website owner. If you are using Super Users on your classic website you may incur additional monthly fee increases for worker licenses. If you have Super Users who are customers of your website, let us know, so we can determine what your Worker License needs are.


Worker Licenses, Snap Sites, and Multiple Company File Integrations could also impact your monthly recurring fee or Service-Level Agreement on CIMcloud 2020.r2. When reviewing your website to assess the migration your Account Manager will notify you of any impact and will book a call with you to discuss.

Customizations, cost, and maintenance

If you have customized your legacy website and require these customizations in your CIMcloud 2020 website, our CIM Professional Services Group will provide you with an estimate to migrate your custom modifications. This would include custom design, custom development/functionality, and modifications to the standard Sage 100 ERP integration.

Support for your customizations will be provided by the CIM Professional Services Group. The cost for support will be estimated and can be provided as an hourly billed service or monthly retainer for services. 


What is a Classic Migration?

Legacy customers are running on CIMcloud Classic. This is an older version of the CIMcloud platform that is not being maintained or updated. A Classic Migration moves your data and Sage 100 ERP integration to a new site deployed from CIMcloud 2020. No Cost Standard Deployment & Data Migration Process. No additional monthly fee increase.  

What does a Classic Migration cost?

CIMcloud is currently providing $0 cost migrations to Classic Customers. No cost for the deployment of standard product or Sage 100 ERP sync. No migration fees for standard product features. You will have costs if you are migrating customizations or a non-Sage 100 ERP sync. You recently received a monthly recurring fee increase for your current site. That also gets you to CIMcloud 2020.

How long does a migration take?

That depends on you and your time to focus on completing the onboarding tasks. You are in the driver’s seat. Our deployment team will complete the product deployment within 30 days of your scheduling your migration. From there, you control the time to live on CIMcloud 2020.

I have customizations. What about those?

Customizations can be migrated to your new CIMcloud 2020 website. Our CIM Professional Services Group can provide you with an estimate to migrate your customizations. Support for customizations is provided by the CIM Professional Services Group and the support cost will be provided with their estimate. Inform your Account Manager you would like to review your customizations, and they will get your setup with a Professional Services Consultant.

Who’s managing my project?

In short, you are! CIMcloud does not provide fully managed project services. CIMcloud provides self-service onboarding options. You can leverage our in-app help tips and guides to complete your orientation and onboarding to get connected with your new CIMcloud website. Onboarding support is available via support tickets entered via Extranet. If you need one-on-one guidance or consulting our Professional Services team is happy to help. 

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