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This article provides a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding a migration from an older, classic version of our software to the most recent version of the CIMcloud platform.

Please also see the following “quick reference” guide that includes links to Migration related articles: Migration Quick Reference Guide.

What is a migration?  Is it an upgrade to my website?

“Migration” is the term we use to describe moving a customer from a “Classic” version of Website Pipeline or CIMcloud to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform.  It involves deploying a new CIMcloud platform (with your add-on features / bundles enabled), installing a second instance of the ERP sync tool, copying data and images / files from your existing classic platform to the new platform, and then supporting you as you complete self-service implementation and go live steps. After go-live, your classic platform is shut down / removed and the classic instance of your ERP sync tool is uninstalled (if applicable).

What is the new platform?  What is different between it and the classic software?

Our new SaaS platform delivers best-in-class Customer Interaction Management software so you can provide eCommerce capabilities for your customers and CRM functionalities for your employees.  For more information on the new platform and how it differs from our classic software, please see Classic to CIMcloud: What, Why, and How.

For an overview of CIMcloud along with demo style videos, see CIMcloud Platform Overview.

How much does a migration cost?

We are raising the monthly cost of our classic platform as detailed in the pricing increase letter sent by our Customer Success Team.  We are currently waiving the initial software and migration fees for migrating to the latest CIMcloud platform.  This means that there are no initial software fees or standard labor costs for the migration.  The only potential cost would be professional services labor for migrating customizations or implementing a non-standard ERP connector.

For more information regarding migrating customizations from your classic website, see Migration of Custom Modifications Process.

For more information on CIMcloud’s ERP connectors, see ERP Integration.

How long does a migration take?

We currently have a backlog of migrations that have been scheduled out to Q2 of 2022.  Once a scheduled migration has started, the standard work can typically be completed in 1 to 3 months.  Extra work can add an additional 1-6 months depending on the scope of work.  For more information on typical lead times and standard vs extra work, see Migration Lead Times.

How do I start the process of scheduling my migration?

To get started, enter a task into Extranet to engage with our team. A call will be scheduled as the starting point to properly assess your migration needs.

Is there any downtime with my migration?

There is no downtime for a migration.  Our deployment team will build a new website on our new platform while your current website stays up and running.  Your team will work on the new website to complete the migration, and once completed, there will be a live cutover from the old website to the new website.

What if I have custom development on my current website?  Can I still have customizations on the new platform?

The new CIMcloud platform has the ability to be customized.  If you have custom programming that was implemented on your current website, our professional services team can work with you on migrating any needed customizations to your new website on the new platform.  For more information on this process, see Migration of Custom Modifications Process.

If I purchased standard add-on modules on my current website, will these transfer to my new website on the new platform?

Yes, if you purchased standard software modules on your classic website, our deployment team will install those on your new website.  Even better, on the new platform, we’ve grouped our upgrade modules into several bundles to simplify our add on software offering.  This means that if you own a single module on your classic website, you will not only have that module, but will also get any other modules in the associated bundle on the new platform.  More information on our add on software bundles can be found at Optional Software Bundles Overview.

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