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This article covers a few standard features that are known “take-aways” in the current CIMcloud platform that existed in previous “Classic” versions of Website Pipeline / CIMcloud.  Eek!  We know losing some of these is frustrating, and our product R&D teams are working to close these gaps.  We made a few underlying changes that were net positives, but did result in take-aways.  This article is intended to communicate the take-aways we already know about… and to encourage you to hang with us while we get them back.

Target Audience for This Article

This article is intended for customers who are live on a “Classic” version of the Website Pipeline or CIMcloud platform and are migrating to the latest version of CIMcloud.

Feature Gaps Being Addressed

The following features are already on the road map to get added back to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform.

  • Images / File Management
    • Ability to upload up to 10 individual images / files at a time
    • Ability to auto create thumbnail images on uploads
    • Ability to create top level folders (note: you can create sub-folders)
  • Data Sets Applied to Anon vs. Logged In
    • Background: Data Sets are now being wrapped in Data Rights (so Data Sets are completely behind the scenes / under the hood now) for overall ease or management & use in the self-service Features & Settings Framework.
    • Background: Data Rights as applied 1) globally through application settings, 2) directly to customer sites, 3) directly to the entire worker portal, 4) to 1 or more workers through worker groups, 5) to 1 or more customer contacts and/or customer accounts through customer groups.
    • The Take-Away: As a result, the ability to apply a data set (or the new data right) to just 1) all anonymous users, or 2) all logged in users is not supported (this was previously supported on data sets)

Have More To Add To The List?

If you find anything else that you think we missed (that is not on the feature gaps list), please let us know.  Here’s an article explaining how you can send us feature requests.


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