The “Connect” Labor Packages


This article provides a recap of what’s included in the Starter Connect or Select Connect labor package that you purchased with your CIMcloud order.

What’s Included?

All new CIMcloud customers are required to purchase either the Starter Connect* or Select Connect package.  The Starter package is a lightweight deployment that is available in the Small Business Edition only (see below for more details).

The following services are included with the each Connect package:

  1. Deployment of the CIMcloud Platform (including any optional bundles you purchased)
  2. Deployment of the Standard ERP Sync
  3. Access to Self-Service General Orientation Materials
  4. Access To Self-Service Onboarding Materials
  5. Access to Self-Service Implementation Materials
  6. Access to Onboarding Support Via Our Help Desk / Ticketing System

You’ll Need the Right Implementation Team

Your Program Manager is responsible for making sure you have a team (of 1 or more people) that can execute the onboarding, implementation, and live roll-out of the platform.  This may be accomplished using in-house employees or by hiring an Implementation Partner.

Note: The CIM Professional Services group, a sister division of CIMcloud, has a staff of US-based employees that are available on a contract hourly basis to provide expert help with your implementation and/or customizations.

Click here for more details on the CIMcloud Implementation Process.

Click here for more details on the Critical Roles that need to be filled by stage of implementation.

* The Starter Connect Package

The Starter Connect package is only available with the Small Business Edition.  It is a lightweight installation of the ERP Sync Tool that only involves syncing customer and transaction history data (orders, shipments, invoices, payments, and credits) from the ERP to CIMcloud.  It does NOT include syncing 1) products or pricing from the ERP, or 2) orders and payments to the ERP.

Video Overviews

These are videos that help demonstrate the difference between the Starter and Select Connect packages as they impact what your customers can do and see through the Customer Self-Service (B2B) Portal.

Select Connect Features (As Seen in the Customer Self-Service B2B Portal)

Starter Connect Features (As Seen in the Customer Self-Service B2B Portal)

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