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Project Tracking Tool Example


This article provides an example of a project tracking tool that could be used for a complex integration project (typically involving use of the CIMcloud API).

This example tool includes (a tab/worksheet for) each of the follow project tools / documents:

  • Role Assignments (Job Functions) Worksheet
  • Project Plan/Tasks
  • Project Issues List
  • Project Ad-Hoc To Do’s List

The tool displayed here was built as a Google Sheet.  It was built for learning purposes (and it used by internal CIMcloud teams for some projects), but can be downloaded / copied and modified if desired.

Note: The concepts of this tracking tool can be applied to almost any technical project (not just for complex integration projects).  This specific tool is provided as an example / concept showing how the concepts described in the related articles can be applied in a relatively simple way (“simple” is relative to full-blown project management software applications).  Ultimately, the project manager (with input from others) has to decide which tool(s) are best to track the project work & progress in.

Part of a Series of Articles

The article you are currently reading is part of a series of articles that are all organized and summarized in this Integration Reference Guide (Using the CIMcloud API).

Critical for Complex Integrations

The concepts presented in this article are particularly critical for complex integration projects.

Audience (for This Article)

The intended audience for this article is CIMcloud customers (and their contractors / partners) that are considering building and/or managing / supporting an integration between CIMcloud and any other software system.

Overview Video

Example Project Tracking Tool

This provides a link to the example google sheet (to view and/or download it).  It also includes screenshots for quick reference to the different tools wrapped into this single sheet / document.

Tool Download

This is a link to the example tool in a Google Sheet format.  You can download a copy of this template to excel by click File > Download (then pick your format).

View/Download Example Project Tracking Tool >>

Role Assignment Worksheet

This is an example role assignment sheet.  It lists the roles covered in The Team (Critical Roles to Fill On An Integration Project) article.

Tools & Documents Project Tracking Tool Example Role Assignments Example

Project Plan/Tasks (WBS)

Tools & Documents Project Tracking Tool Example Project Plan Wbs Simple Example

Project Issue Tracking List

This shows an example of a centrally located issues tracking list.  All participants in a project should be able to access this list and add items to it.  The issues are then prioritized, discussed, and solved in recurring project meetings.  The solutions most typically end up as action items on either 1) the Project Plan/Tasks List, or 2) the Ad-Hoc To Do’s List.  Note: It doesn’t matter where they end up, as long as they end up somewhere that will be tracked and accounted for.

Tools & Documents Project Tracking Tool Example Issues Tracking List Example

Project Add-Hoc To Do’s List

This is a list of typically smaller / quicker action items that need to be tracked on a project.  This list is reviewed (for task completion) on each project recurring check-in meeting.  Note: Larger tasks and/or tasks that are farther out (in the project schedule) would typically land on the Project Plan/Tasks list (not this Ad-Hoc To Do’s List).

Note: The terms “To Do”, “Task”, “Action Items”, etc… can all be used interchangeably.  Ultimately, it’s just work that needs to the done.  The goal of the project tracking tool(s) used to track work to make sure it is clear (to everyone) what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done.  It also serves as an accountability tool to know the work actually did get done.

Tools & Documents Project Tracking Tool Example Ad Hoc To Do Task Tracking Example





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