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Quick List of API-Related Articles


This article is a listing of all integration project & API-related help center articles organized into a few logical groupings.  It was written for quick/easy access to all materials.

Overview Video

The video walks through the content presented in this article (including additional commentary).

Listing of Articles

The CIMcloud API (How To / How It Works)

These articles provide details on the CIMcloud API itself, including what it does and how it works.

Integration Projects: General & Overview Information

These articles provide a general overview of integration projects and best practices.

Projects: Specific Playbooks

These articles provide playbooks (best practices, steps, tools, and know-how) for specific types of integration projects, involving the CIMcloud API, that are commonly requested.

  • API Playbook: Integrate Your ERP with CIMcloud Introduction (BYOS)
    • This article provides an overview of how you can integrate your ERP (accounting software) system with CIMcloud using CIMcloud’s…
  • API Playbook: Integrating a New ERP System (with Existing CIMcloud via BYOS and API)
    • Are you replacing the ERP / accounting software system that your company uses? This article serves as a playbook…
  • API Playbook: Integrating an Existing ERP System (New to CIMcloud via BYOS and API)
    • Are you new to CIMcloud and wanting to integrate with an ERP that CIMcloud does not have a standard connector for? This article serves as a playbook…
    • Article coming soon…
  • Ecommerce Site (i.e. Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, etc) Integrations
    • The CIMcloud API can be used to to make integrations (sharing data) between your ERP accounting system and any retail ecommerce platforms you use…
    • Article coming soon…
  • Customer Integrations (Your Big Customers Can Integrate with You)
    • If you have larger or more sophisticated customers that want to integrate their systems with yours, you can leverage the CIMcloud platform and API to allow you to…
    • Article coming soon…

Projects: Team / Roles (The People That Do the Work)

These articles provide more details on critical roles that need to be filled when assembling a team to complete a complex integration project involving the CIMcloud API.

Projects: Tools / Documents (for Designing, Planning, Managing the Work)

These articles provide examples and explanations of a few key tools, that when used on complex integration projects involving the CIMcloud API, can dramatically increase your chance of success.

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