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Configuration and Rate Limits

This section covers a few technical basics related to the CIMcloud API.

  • Authentication is needed on all requests, excluding canary endpoints, to the API via Bearer Tokens
    • Note: The canary endpoint does not require authentication, which allows users to ping for availability
    • Update 1-29-2024
      • We now offer basic authentication on API requests.  Please submit a ticket on Extranet for more information on how this can be called for your API Layer
  • The body of all requests are in a JSON format
  • For POSTs – either the primary key or user key can be used to identify a record to update
    • If both are provided, the primary key wins in priority
  • Rate Limits
    • Default Client Rate Limit: two calls per second or a hundred calls per fifteen minutes.
    • All POSTs and PUTs are limited to ten records per import; however, if the number of records on a POST or PUT exceed ten, then they will be added to an asynchronous queue to be processed.
    • All GETS retrieve a max of fifty records per response, pagination is supported to retrieve more results, as well as search strings to filter results.
  • The API queue can make intelligent decisions if the detail records are added before the reference to a header record exist (i.e. if a request to import order detail lines is made before the order header exists, the queue will attempt to reimport the detail lines after the header has been created).

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