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POST GenerateCustomerSession Request


This endpoint allows you to generate a Session, which can then be used to return Customer-specific pricing.


To use this endpoint, your Authorization must have the following settings:

  • Authorization Type: Default
  • Session Access Type: Any value other than “None”

Request Information


Endpoint: https://api.cimcloud.com/{sitename}/GenerateCustomerSession/


"c_key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Successful Response:

"expiration": "XXXX-XX-XXXXX:XX:XX", 
"token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", 
"session": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" 

Note: A new token in the response will be generated with the session attached.  Use this new token to GET customer-specific pricing.

Testing Steps

  1. Setup your Authorization to return session-based pricing
    1. On the Authorization add-edit page in the Worker Portal, verify the following fields are set:
      1. Authorization Type: Default
      2. Session Access Type: Any Session
  2. Generate Authentication Token (more info)
  3. Run a GET on a product that contains a pricing override
    1. GET: https://api.cimcloud.com/{sitename}/products/searchexact~sku~{sku}
  4. Grab the c_key of a user that has the pricing override applied to that product
    1. GET: https://api.cimcloud.com/{sitename}/customers/searchexact~username~{username}

  5. Generate a Session for that c_key using the POST request in this article
  6. Using the new Token that was generated from step 5, run the same request from step 3
  7. Login to the site as the user in step 4 and confirm the prices match

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