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API Framework & Technical Overview

This article provides an overview of the CIMcloud API Framework with examples.  This article is intended to be a technical introduction to the API. It is written for people with software development / programming skills.

Topics Covered

The following outlines the topics covered:

Detailed Demo & Explanation Video

This is a detailed walkthrough of the CIMcloud API using Postman (a free API testing tool).  It demonstrates the API while providing lots of additional context and details.  We recommend watching this first, then reading/referencing the article.

This article complements the specific API end-point / resource documentation (that gets into granular field-level details) that is located in the API section of your CIMcloud Worker Portal.

Note: To access the API, 1) you have to purchase the API software bundle, and 2) your worker login has to have the API rights assigned to it (so you can see API links).

You can see a few screenshots of this API documents located in the Worker Portal in the CIMcloud API Introduction article.

The following additional articles can provide additional context when planning a project that requires the CIMcloud API.

  • CIMcloud API Introduction
    • This is a higher level (and less technical) overview of the CIMcloud API.
    • This article is good place to start (before you get into the technical detail presented below)
  •  The Integration Reference Guide (Using the CIMcloud API)
    • This is an overall reference guide for anyone considering an integration project that uses the CIMcloud API.
    • It includes lots of foundation best practices for forming and team, assigning roles, and using example tools / document templates to plan the work and manage the project.




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