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Creating App Authorizations

Before you can begin calling the CIMcloud API, you’ll need to create a App Authorization.  This is located in your Worker Portal under API System -> App Authorization.  You can either click the blue + in the navigation links, head to the manage page to create your first App Authorization, or get there directly at api_app_authorization_ae.asp

Note: The API System bundle includes two App Authorizations, and there is an additional charge to increase this limit.

App Authorization Interface

  • General Information: Descriptive settings for your App Authorization
  • Authorization Information: Contains the payload you will pass to generate your Bearer Token
    • Your encrypted AuthPassword cannot be recovered; however, it can be regenerated
    • Once you submit this page, an AuthKey will be generated, which is also used to generate your Bearer Token
    • Whitelisting IP addresses is an additional security layer to limit access to the API authorization
  • Access Restrictions: Defines what type of Authorization and Session Access is allowed
    • Authorization Type
      • Default – Generates Bearer Tokens, which must be passed with each API request
      • Basic – Pass the Authorization Username/Password for each API request
    • Session Access type
      • None – Does not allow requests to generate Sessions
      • Any Session – Allows session creation with the GenerateCustomerSession endpoint
      • Auto (Specific Customer) – Automatically generate a session for a specific customer on Authentication, bypassing GenerateCustomerSession
        • Must select a single customer to generate sessions automatically
  • Assign Resources: Assigns endpoints available to your App Authorization
    • By default, we have provided a set of resources/endpoints to call the API layer, which are listed in the following article
    • Please submit a ticket to Extranet if there are other Resources you would like created
  • Default Security Settings: Allows you to limit what HTTP methods you would like to allow for your Authorization

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