Case Quantity


Case quantity is a configuration that can be set on a product that requires the product to be purchased in a set increment.


Step-by-Step Process:

To set the case quantity on a product, in the [Worker Portal], [the worker] will navigate to:
Product Workspace –> Product Catalog –> Products

They will then click ‘Edit’ under the Actions column for the product they would like to set the case quantity on. If they would like to create a new product and configure a case quantity for the new product, they will instead click the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Products’ link.

They will then be redirected to the Product Add/Edit page. They will then navigate to the section ‘Pricing’ and to set the case quantity, they will put in the value in the ‘Quantity Increment’ setting. For example, if [the worker] enters 3 in this input, the case quantity will be 3 and customers can only order the product in increments of 3.



Case quantity is configured on a product.



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