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Within the Advanced B2B Portal bundle is a feature that allows you to control if a particular product can be added to cart and/or if the product price displays for all users.

On each product is a settings to control if the product add to cart button displays to users in the product catalog and similarly there is a setting if the price displays. This applies to all users.

NOTE: The only time this setting can be overridden is with features in the Bundle – Advanced Add to Cart and Order Entry [3M] (Feature – Disable/Show Price and Show Add to Cart per Product by Account (uses Product Aliases)). This feature would allow you to override this setting at a per account basis. So you could set the price and add to cart button to not display to all users with this bundle and with the additional feature in Advanced Add to Cart and Order Entry [3M] you could then enable the price and add to cart to display for specific accounts.

What a Customer Sees

With the normal settings for Price and Add to Cart the user sees both their specific price and the Add to cart Button.

If both options are turned off then users can see the product but do not see a price and they are not able to add the product to the cart to order.

If the option to add to cart is turned off and price is left on then users will see price but will not be able to add to cart to order the product.

If the option to Add to Cart is turned off and price is left on then users can add to cart but not see price in the catalog. NOTE: Once in the cart users are able to see the product price as normal. If you need it so users do not see the product price even after adding to cart this will require the feature for Price Display Types which is part of bundle – Advanced Add to Cart and Order Entry [3M].

What A CRM Worker Sees

If a CRM worker is creating an order/quote for a user through the quick add feature in the worker portal, these options will apply as well and they worker will not see price and will not be able to add to cart.

If just entering a SKU and the Price and Add to Cart are both off then they find the sku but cannot add to cart

If using the browser feature it will be the same in the product is visible but cannot be added to the order.

What an Admin Worker Sees

This feature is enabled by giving a worker access to fields on the product add/edit page.

To enable the feature either in workspace settings or in a worker group for a worker who has access to add/edit products enable this feature:

Once enabled and the worker has a fresh session they will see the following fields on the product add/edit page where they can set the desired values.

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