Minimum Quantity


Minimum Product Totals are a configuration on products that allows a worker to set a minimum that a customer must select as the quantity before they can add the product to their [shopping cart].


Step-by-Step Process:

To configure the minimum quantity on a product the worker needs to navigate to the Product Add/Edit page by entering the [Worker Portal] and going to:

Product Workspace →  Product Catalog →  Products

From this screen (the Product Manage page), you can select the product you wish to add a minimum quantity to by pressing the ‘Edit’ link under the Actions column.  To add a new product and add a minimum quantity to this new product, click the ‘+’ icon next to ‘Products’ instead.

On this next page (the Product Add/Edit page) the worker will scroll to the ‘Minimum Quantity’ configuration and select the minimum amount the customer is allowed to order. [verify that this is still correct]

[insert screenshot of this section]



A minimum quantity is set on a product restricting the customer to ordering a minimum quantity on the product.



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