General Orientation to CIMcloud


This General Orientation is intended as an overall project (and program) kick-off for your new CIMcloud implementation.  All critical business and technical people, that will be involved in (or responsible / accountable for) getting CIMcloud live, should complete the General Orientation Checklist below.

General Orientation Checklist

Read each of these articles (and watch any associated videos) to complete the General Orientation.

  1. Read a recap of What is Included in Your CIMcloud Quote
  2. Read an overview of The Implementation Process (From Order to Go Live)
  3. Read the “Abridged” version of the Program, Project(s), Platform, and Solution (PPPS) Framework
  4. Read (and assign if any roles are still vacant) The 5 Critical Roles (“Hats”) for a Fast Start
  5. Review the Overview of the CIMcloud Platform (and watch videos linked to each major area)
  6. Read and understand How CIMcloud Teams Are Organized
  7. Review and understand the Ways You Can Get Help
  8. Review Using the Customer Self-Service Portal (called “Extranet”)
  9. Review How to Submit a Support Task (via Extranet)
  10. [If You’re Replacing an Ecommerce Platform] Review Ecommerce Platform Replacement Risk Management

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