Data Rights

Overview This article covers the concepts of Data Rights and how to apply Data Rights to contacts, accounts, groups, customer sites, or the entire application. The main use cases for Data Rights are segregating/filtering products, product categories, and/or shipping methods to specific customers or groups of customers. Data Rights replace […]

Launching Your Website

Overview This article assumes you have reviewed the following –┬áPlanning Your Go-Live Strategy Updating the site with your domain and directing users to the site are the two primary components for launching your website. You only want to take these steps after the site has been configured and tested. The […]

Customer Onboarding

Overview This article reviews concepts for getting existing customers onto your website for the first time. This may be transferring customers from an existing website or getting existing or new customers onto your new or existing website for the first time and making sure they are attached to the correct […]

Cart Options

Overview Carts options are a base feature that allow products to be configured to collect additional order specific data for the particular product from the end user and pass this information into the ERP with the order line. With cart options the questions applied can only gather information, the answer […]

Release 2020.R2.2

Overview This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2020.R2.2 (CIMcloud internal tag 2.1.2) Updates That May Require Configuration Changes Customer Site/Self-Service Email Support General: Added support for different email properties per email per customer site. Currently this will only be installed where needed. If the site does […]

Product and Customer Renumbering

Overview This article reviews the steps required on the CIMcloud platform when renumbering products or customers in the ERP. Without following these steps you can create new records in CIMcloud for products and/or customers that are not tied to the proper pricing, data segregation, images, history,…. and leave orphaned records […]

Multiple ERP Company Files Bundle

Overview This article reviews the basics of integrating CIMcloud with multiple company files in the ERP. This set-up does require the Multiple ERP Company Files Bundle and some additional ERP sync set-up. A multi-company set-up also requires special ERP sync set-up to be done by CIMcloud. A multiple company file […]

Order Comments

Overview This article reviews options for order comments during the checkout process and how these are populated in the integrated ERP system. Comment Types There are two comment types available by default, Shipment Comment, and Fulfilment Comment. Base sites only have one shipment per order, but there are add-ons that […]