Release 2024.02


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2024.02 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.9)

Release date: 2/15/2024

Updates and Fixes

Page Builder

Details on new Page Builder functionality can be found here – Page Builder

  • Adds new “Page Builder” CMS for creating web pages.
  • Adds option to use “Page Builder” on retail site Home Page Designs.

Custom Page Builder Components

Created CIMcloud Page Builder components:

  • * Featured Products * Adds a custom element to the page: <featured-products></featured-products>
  • * Slide Shows * Adds a custom element t the page: <slide-show id="example-carousel"></slide-show> where the ID is the ref_id of the slide show record to be displayed.
  • * Product Search * Adds a custom element to the page: <product-search></productsearch>

Credit Card Interface Updates

  • Updates the Saved Credit Cards page with an Add button and Edit links that use the same modal functionality as the payment page

Product Releases Release 2024.02 Credit Card Add Edit

Payment Gateways

  • Adds support for Fortis gateway in Beta mode. Contact CIMcloud support if you would like to set up and test Fortis as your payment gateway. Includes support for Credit Card (with Level 3 data), ACH and voiding transactions


  • Added support for FedEx’s new Rest API (detailed information can be found here – FedEx Integration Changes
  • Updated UI for Shipping Settings (app_settings.asp) to support credential entry for new FedEx Rest API
  • General cleanup of Shipping Settings UI for Legacy/Standard shipping credentials

New Feature Toggles / Settings

  • Adds Feature Settings to control displaying the s_company field on the addresses.asp page, The text label for the s_company column on the addresses.asp page and The text label for the nickname field on global_address_edit.aspglobal_addresses.aspaddresses.aspaddress_edit.asp and account.asp

Product Releases Release 2024.02 New Address Features

  • Adds Feature Setting to “Require users to fully pay invoices”.

Product Releases Release 2024.02 New Pay Inv All Feature

  • Adds new feature to “Hide Product Discounts in “Order Summary” section of checkout. This applies on the payment.asp page and the order confirmation email.

Product Releases Release 2024.02 Poduct Discount Hide

  • Adds feature setting under “Show Cart Page Settings” to enable / disable the link to the product detail page from the initial cart page during checkout.

Product Releases Release 2024.02 Showcart Product Link

  • Adds link on Customer Sites to allow workers to create customer sites. Note: Adding additional customer sites can increase monthly fees based on current add on bundles purchased and service levels. Please contact Customer Support if there are any questions on if additional costs will be incurred.

Product Releases Release 2024.02 Add Customer Site

  • Adds special resource types with OrderPassThrough as the first POST function

General Updates

  • Updates the Override Type question to have a help tip and not use the [select one] on feature_edit.asp
  • Updates the Universal Search for “Contacts” to match the DDT search on contacts.asp.
  • Adds support for pa.sku_aliaspa.nm_alias, and pa.ds_alias on the Universal Search for Products
  • Updates contact_edit.asp page to restrict edits on the Account, Username and hide the Password Reset UI on House Contacts
  • Updates sales_orders.asp to dynamically build the Order Status Filter list using existing data in the table.
    • Adds SalesOrdersActionStatusFilterAction to allow customization of the filter creation
  • Fixes status filter on mgr_man_warehouse.asp page.
  • Adds code to set the quote expiration date if GLOBAL_USE_QUOTE_EXPIRATION is enabled and the date is null.
  • Adds cimcloud.session.appliedRights helper with list of all Rights assigned to session.
  • Adds cimcloud.catalog helper with information related to product catalog (category, results, mainProduct, recentlyViewed, activeCart)
  • Updates create_payment.asp to have the Payment Method Description show in the page like the payment.asp.
  • Adds new shipping method option for internal rate threshold Order Product Total and updates some wording for clarity.
  • Adds “Results” link to mgr_exports_man.asp to see results before exporting as CSV.
  • Adds ValidIP “Edit” link to mgr_dd_records_man.asp page.
  • Adds new field [modules].[help_center_link] to set help center article links on modules and updates the module data to link to the corresponding article on the Purchased Modules page.

4.9.1 – Release Date 3/1/2024

  • Fixed COM version number
    • v3-beta4.9 => v443-cimcloud3
    • No functionality change. The release COM version is the same commit as the beta version that 4.9.0 was tested with
  • Adds SO status check to “Top Products” query. Uses SALES_ORDER_SEARCHSTRING_STATUS_VALUES like the other SO queries.
  • Minor UI and icon fixes for Page Builder
  • Adds Worker feature for Manage Refine Your Search Data.
  • Adds Search Term Details field to mgr_product_ae.asp page and Products Field to mgr_search_term_details.asp page.
  • Updates SSJS Warehouses to use the PQIS quantities when calculating the Stock Status and Messaging.
  • Fixes IDP “Replace Qty w/ Message” display on showcart.asp page. With this setup the calc_inv_qty is text and the showcart page forced it to zero causing the message to show “O In Stock” instead of the configured message.
  • Fixes issue where 4.9.0 duplicated Show Cart Page Settings feature.
  • Fixes JS error on mgr_product_ae.asp when SHOW_CHILD_PRODUCT_SUMMARY_INFO is disabled.
  • Updates sort to be alphabetical on Contacts in the Members section of customer_group_edit.asp page.
  • Fixes issue where Account Name display shows blank if the setting isn’t configured. Introduced in 4.9.0.
  • Updates the Bulk Add and Enter a SKU options on the payment page to check the product’s status and show_add_cart value.
  • Fixes issue where “workflow” urls like ‘pay now’ on the statements.asp page use impersonation when they shouldn’t on “cimcloud domains” (cimlocal, cimstaging, cimproduction, etc).

4.9.2 – Release Date 3/11/2024

  • Adds Feature Setting to Show Orders & Shipments in Menu feature to set which Sales Order Statuses should show on the backorders.asp page.
  • Fixes Power Customers “Mapped Account” display on page load.
  • Updates to allow a site to use Configurator on one product and Cart Option Sets on another.
  • Adds GLOBAL_SHOW_INVOICE_STATUS_FILTER option to enable a filter for Invoice status to the following pages.
    • invoices.asp
    • products_invoiced_detail.asp
    • products_invoiced_report.asp
  • Fixues issue with cart option set UI showing twice on payment.asp
  • Updates payments.asp to only show the details link when GLOBAL_USE_PAYMENTS_CREDITS_ON_INVOICES is on.
  • Forces cart options off when configurator is enabled to avoid conflicts
  • Removes sensitive unused price calc related fields from the price breaks object on the product

4.9.3 Release Date 3/22/2024

  • Fixes issue where “Clear Image Cache” resulted in a permanent loading spinner
  • Fixes error on search results page when a product is set to use configurator and a default warehouse is set on the session.
  • Fixes issue where abandoned cart emails would sometimes link to an empty cart.
  • Added option GLOBAL_SITE_CHARSET to set the site’s char set
  • Updates Configurator products to show the calculated inventory quantity as well as the message.
  • Updates account.asp to set focus to the first shipping address input when “Add” new address is clicked.
  • Updates statements.asp to join to the account using the a_id and a_key instead of the cus_no field.
  • Fixes helptip on Default Price Group on new Accounts feature.
  • Adds c.status NULL check to reset password process check.
  • Matrix View Cleanup
    • Fixes feature toggle so it uses the correct Options
    • Cleans up styling and UI on product detail
  • Updates “Modules” verbiage to “Bundles” to match our marketing terms.
  • Updates Workspace Menu filter to support additional search terms (using the hiddenTerms property) so if someone searches for “module” they will get the new “bundle” links instead.
  • Updates Premium Search Service module name to Advanced Search Service.
  • Fixes issue with “Workspace Settings > Advanced” Custom code not applying globally in worker portal.
  • Adds Feature Setting to control the “Ordered By” display for power customers.
  • Updates pages that previously used SHOW_ORDERED_BY_ACCT variable, to use a new global, GLOBAL_SHOW_ORDERED_BY_ACCT
  • Updates checkout so that newly created addresses are automatically assigned to the order being edited when using the “Add Address” button from the payment.asp page.
  • Updates payment page UI to disable the place order button when the user is focused on a text input. This is being done to prevent the impression that the place order button is being clicked before the subscribe fires which makes the user have to click place order again.
  • Updates Bulk Add (add to cart queue) to join to the parent product to pull the parent thumbnail image.
  • Updates default page builder example page.
  • Fixes issue with Shipping Company name missing on account.asp page.

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