Release 2022.R1.2


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2022.R1.2 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.2)

Release date: 1/5/2023

Updates and Fixes

Search Service Changes

Moves the Search Service refresh interval for Products (the new search service introduced in 2022.R1.1 needs to be enabled by CIMcloud to use this functionality – Release 2022.R1 – CIMcloud Search Service Catalog – Performance and Relevancy) and separately the Interaction Log (part of the CRM Standard Bundle – CRM Standard [A] ) refresh timing. As part of this process the system datamove processes previously used are no longer required to control the search service refresh intervals and can now be controlled by fields on the search service boost page.

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.2 Search Service Refresh Interval

Added the ability to have separate search service setting for Staging and Production. Added the option to be able to publish the Staging Options to Production. Production can still be edited separately but will be overwritten if Staging is published.

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.2 Search Serice Publish Production

General Updates

  • Fixes bug where checkboxes weren’t being saved on ‘mgr_inv_disp_ae.asp`.
  • Fixes tab groups link on mgr_product_ae.asp page
  • Fixes weight2 display for google product feed to handle 0 or null
  • Removes crawl-delay from robots.txt file
  • Fixes issue where breadcrumb tracking didn’t work on non-static pages (pages that use pc_combined_results.asp?pc_id...)
  • Displays warning that changing a Contact’s account will clear the products in their cart and also deletes the customer’s active cart.
  • Removes the Google Product Feed Sub Product Type section and the global variable used to show it.
  • Does not show the Toastr notification if on the payment.asp page.
  • Shows the country in the billing and shipping address sections if they have any that are international addresses.
  • Displays the SKU on the reviews manage and add/edit pages.
  • Adds shipping estimator hook shipping_estimator_ajax_config.
  • Adds the option for SHOW_FEED_PROMOTIONS.
  • Adds debug querystring to output some environment variable values for verifying them in sandbox, staging, or production environments (showenv).
  • Updates repeating migration script that maps the solr_container user to first check if the solr_container login exists and create it if it does not

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