Release 2024.05


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2024.05 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.10)

Release date: 5/03/2024

Updates and Fixes

Session Info Updates

  • Adds View link to “Website Visits” (user_sessions.asp) page that links to a new page (session_info.asp). This page is also available through the Sessions Detail link on the Site Information Pop-up. This path shows the information for the current user session.
    • This is a rework of the existing Show Session Info page with more focus on the current core product (Group info, Super User Session vs Parent Sessions, etc.).

Product Releases Release 2024.05 Session Info Page


  • Adds a new page to show Group Details (view_group.asp). This page is available through the Details link in the Session Info page noted above.
    • This page includes info about which Rights are mapped to a specific Group and which Data Rights & Option Overrides are assigned to those rights.

Product Releases Release 2024.05 Group Detail

  • Adds a new page from main menu to show data rights mappings. These are the data rights that have been created and where they are assigned. This page does require a search term to be searched to return data.

Product Releases Release 2024.05 Dat Right Mapping

Cimcloud Helpers

We added two new CIMcloud Helpers in this minor release, which can be called within Custom Code logic:

  • cimcloud.catalog.getProducts()
    • Allows you to get product data outside the current scope of the viewed product.
  • cimcloud.catalog.addToCart()
    • Allows you to trigger adding items to the cart.  Able to add more than one detail line at once.

For a full walkthrough with examples, please review the “Custom Code CIMcloud Helpers” article.

CIMcloud API Framework

We have made further enhancements to our general API Framework, which includes:

  • Session Access Type – New flag to set which type of session access your API Authorization allows, and can be used to return customer-specific pricing
    • None: No session creation allowed
    • Auto (Specific Customer): Generate sessions automatically during Authentication, when assigning a particular customer to the API Authorization
    • Any Session: Generate sessions for any customer when passing a customer’s username
  • Able to override the default number of records returned on GET requests
    • Default is set to 50 if this field is not set, with a maximum 2k records returned per GET request
  • New Order Pass Through endpoint
    • Allows you to POST Header and Detail lines in a single request

For a full walkthrough of the API Framework, please review the “Using the API” category.

General Updates

  • Updates select_user.asp to use the “Account Display Format” setting.
  • Fixes issue where the variable viewModels isn’t defined and causing errors with the quote workflow.
  • Fixes issue where the session’s Default Payment Method was not checking the account’s payment terms during login.
  • Fixes styling issue in add credit card modal on retail template.
  • Updates order by on recently ordered products link. [EvolveScript]
  • Fixes product title and description tags on google feed.
  • Removes old test Activity data [EvolveScript]
  • Adds Warehouse Selection Logic to Configurator Products.
    • Instanced products get the same pw_id as the carrier product.
    • Non-Instanced products get a pw_id based on the following priority (first one wins):
      • Match the Carrier’s Warhouse (if qty is available)
      • Match the default on the Site (if qty is available)
      • Pick the first warehouse with qty available.
  • Adds “Page Size” setting on api resources using the max_qty field.
  • Updates existing IEA records to have 50 as their default page size since the apiService was hardcoded to that. [EvolveScript]
  • Fixes answer text for Shipping Class Filter Type question on mgr_payment_methods_ae.asp

Migration Scripts

  • v4_10_0_00~most-recent-ordered-link.sql
  • v4_10_0_01~clean-activity-data.sql
  • v4_10_0_02~migration-scripts/pending/fix-api_resource-max-qty.sql


  • Adds MgrOrderHeaderAEAddActionDrawShipments Hook to mgr_order_header_ae.asp page.
  • Adds IDPAddEditActionBeforeCloseForm hook to mgr_inv_disp_ae.asp page.
  • Adds LibSavedPaymentMethodsActionUpdateOrderCCN hook to lib_saved_payment_methods.asp page.
  • Adds PaymentActionCreateOrderHeader hook to payment.asp page.
  • Adds PaymentActionCreateOrderShipment hook to payment.asp page.
  • Adds SUNavigationBarActionDrawImpersonation hook to su_navigation_bar.asp page.

4.10.1  – Release Date 5/10/2024

  • Fixes issue where pricing is returned in the page source on the client as well as in the JSON Link Data used for Google Structured Product Data when the price should not be displayed
    • This applies to any restriction that would prevent the price from displaying in the UI
    • Adds hook SsjsApiProcessProductDataFilterProductShowPrice to json_api_catalog.asp to allow overriding showPrice on the product
    • Bumps the SearchService version to 3.4.1 to respect the price display logic and add the showPrice property to the product result
  • Fixes issue with Order Confirmation Email not showing images.
  • Fixes Add To Cart Quantity Input alignment issue on retail sites (introduced in 4.10.0).

4.10.2 – Release Date 5/17/2024

  • Adds feature setting to the base “Product Promotions” feature to “Allow Anonymous users to see Promotions?”
  • Adds new property to Post Logic Class to validate the user key value before saving data. Set ValidateUserKey to true and verify the PL object has an ImportTable, UserKeyField, and TableKeyField set to perform the validation check. If an existing record is found with the same userKey the import will be stopped and a message will be displayed to the user. Updates customer_group_edit.asp and worker_group_edit.asp to use this new check.
  • Fixes “Total Times Ordered” Sort on catalog pages. This incorrectly uses pah.ordered instead of pah.count_orders.
  • Updates “Google Ads Conversion ID” to “Google Ads Conversion Label” on site settings analytics tab.
  • Updates Account Selection on the following pages to default to the Account when in Context.
    • product_history_detail.asp
    • product_history_report.asp
    • products_invoiced_detail.asp
    • products_invoiced_report.asp
  • Updates SORT_OPTIONS to use product alias sku and name when feature is enabled.
  • Updates 3rd party tracking scripts (GTM, BING, etc) so they are excluded on the worker portal pages.
  • Updates product_stock_ddt.asp download logic to replace the cust_price field with retail_price if USE_CUSTOMER_SPECIFIC_PRICING is turned off and to force USE_CUSTOMER_SPECIFIC_PRICING to off if DOWNLOAD_FIELDS doesn’t contain p.cust_price. This should prevent useProductPricing from being turned on when it doesn’t need to.
  • Removes a few pickup types from FedEx credential entry droplist since they aren’t supported by the new Rate API.

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