Release 2022.R1.3


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2022.R1.3 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.3)

Release date: 3/8/2023

Updates and Fixes

API Framework

  • Adds additional CIMcloud API System functionality into Core Product. This part of an additional Software Bundle that is required for these features. Information can be found in article – The CIMcloud API Introduction.

IP Address Blocking

  • Adds IP Address blocking logic. This allows Workers to block access to the site by IP address. This is in addition to IP address blocking that is done for all sites at a server and firewall level. Detailed information is available in article – IP Address Blocking in the Worker Portal
  • Adds Show Cart Page Settings feature that contains a new Feature Setting to specify the “Continue Shopping” link.

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.3 Continue Shopping

Adds Core Support for Image “alt text” on Slide Show

Adds field to slide add/edit screen in worker portal for image “alt text”. alt text will be used on the slide on the sitefront. Note this is not fully functional until release 2022.R1.3.1 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.3.1).

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.3 Slide Alt Image Text

Adds New Worker Feature for “Show Product Freight Fields”

Adds a workspace feature in the Advanced Shipping Price Calculations Bundle to show the freight fields “Must Ship Via Freight/LTL” (When yes is selected on this option it displays field “Minimum Freight/LTL Class”) and “Pallet Ratio” on the product add/edit page in the worker portal.

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.3 Freight Feature

Data Right applied to link is part of base product. Previously this could only be managed from the data right screen in the worker portal. Display has been added to be able to manage data rights from the link. Note: Most standard links cannot be edited so those will still need to be managed from the data rights screen. This addition is to make management of custom links easier.

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.3 Data Rights Display Link

General Updates

  • Updates payment method UI so you don’t have to set the payment_type when using paypal.
  • Adds an evolve script to fix any payment_method records where the process_payment_using field is set to “paypal” but the payment_type isn’t.
  • Fixes issue with UoM dropdown not binding correctly.
  • Adds environment classes for testing CSS changes in Advanced Section.
  • Adding l_ws_id to the [payments] record.
  • Fixes issue where Promotion Reward products weren’t removed from the payment page UI when the target product was removed.
  • Minor performance improvement on anonymous session creation.
  • Fixes issue where promo reward product’s warehouse didn’t match the target product’s warehouse
  • Fixes issue when using default fields in search service prior to configuring search field boosts
    • This issue was caused by an invalid search field default configuration
    • This issue only occurred under the following conditions:
      • The site had never used a previous version of search service
      • Search service was turned on
      • The search field boosts page was never posted / published to production


  • Adds /api/ and /data/ to robots.txt.
  • Adds new DM type “Custom” to site option DATAMOVE_TYPES on mgr_addedit_data_move.asp.
  • Updates the send_temp_password.asp body, so that it sends workers to the worker portal instead of the main site.
  • Removes deprecated global option GLOBAL_WSP_SEARCH_SERVICE_API_URL from globals.json
  • Adds migration script to remove option override and right mapping for deprecated global option GLOBAL_WSP_SEARCH_SERVICE_API_URL
  • Adds new inputs for run time window fields on the installed monitor add/edit page.
  • Adds new inputs for the Trigger Config dev I did for ERP Driver where you can make ERP configs trigger other ERP configs.
  • Fixes issue where the “Navigation” and “Product Categories” menu headings were hardcoded on mobile instead of pulling from the Nav Link.
  • Removes unused Worker feature “Employee Notes and Activity Tracking”.
  • Adds helptip to Worker feature “Interaction Log”.
  • Creates feature to control the back order message on the order confirmation email.
  • Adds SearchFormOverrideSearchfield1AccountQuery hook to pc_search_form.asp.
  • Adds Exception to the worker portal when GLOBAL_USE_LEGACY_DATASETS or GLOBAL_USE_LEGACY_MODULES are true.
  • Adds “close” button to exceptions window.
  • Fixes default tab group display when using the search service.
  • Adds additional warehouse fields when using the search service.
  • Fixes js error caused by promotions initialization injecting JS and HTML too early


  • Updates order_confirmation.asp to fall back to price on the [order_detail] record if PriceBeforeAdjustment is 0.


  • Removes evolve migration script R~map-solrcontainer-user.sql that can’t be ran in a transaction, preventing other scripts from executing.

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