Release 2021.R1.6


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2021.R1.6 (CIMcloud internal tag 3.6)

Release date: 7/18/2022

Updates and Fixes

General Updates


This is a feature under the Advanced Platform and Products List Feature bundle (Optional Software Bundles Overview) that in the past had to be configured individually on the site and is now handled with standard functionality when this bundle is enabled. This feature allows a subset of the design settings to be set at the customer group level. This allows different logo, color, and font settings to be applied to different groups of customers. This is not intended to be a complete re-branding for the user as it does not impact emails or the company information that may appear in places on the site like the footer.

When the new Skins feature is enabled for the worker portal or for specific worker groups, the users with this feature will see a new section on customer groups for Skin. This section has access to the design settings that can be applied when adding or editing a customer group. The settings will initially default from the main customer site and can be edited for the specific customer group. When a user with the customer group applied logs into the site these new design settings will apply.

The Skins design settings include both the retail template and dashboard template design sections.

New Feature:

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.6 Skins Feature

New Section on Customer Group

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.6 Skins Cusotmer Group

Mass Delete Images

New functionality has been added to the Base Functionality to allow users to select and then delete multiple images. When in an images folder there are check boxes to the left of the  images. Once you select at least one of these check boxes, a button is available to “Delete All Selected”. When this is button clicked you will be prompted with a message to verify you want to delete the images and if you proceed the images will be deleted.  A few specific notes:

  1. Once deleted the images cannot be recovered. We will not be able to retrieve the images for you.
  2. Images cannot be deleted across multiple pages at this time. If you have images that run to multiple pages you will need to delete one page worth at a time. The system currently loads 50 records on a page.

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.6 Image Mass Delete


  • Fixes issue where raw_source_file field on mgr_view_datamoves.asp was not cast correctly.
  • Added OEL record/logging for when the update bill calling is made to get more information about “Error processing Order Action” alert is shown.
  • Fixes issue with shipments not being created for new / guest users when checking out – Adds a call to update cart on account.asp after the customer is created.
  • Updates clear cache functionality to also clear the cache in the Ordering API.
  • Fixes DDT “pre-filter” layout on smaller devices.
  • Fixes issue with bypassing custom functions called from JSCRIPT
  • Fixes Logo rendering in worker portal emails.
  • Fixes customer site and branch issues with domains used during email generation


  • Fixes error when submitting new password on the reset password page


  • Updates username/password reset process to consistently check the customers.status in all processes. A value of 1NULL or empty string will be treated as “enabled”.
  • Adds a message to the “request username” email body when the Customer record is disabled.
    • Adds GLOBAL_DISABLED_USERNAME_EMAIL_MESSAGE to allow customization of the message.
  • Fixes issue with UN/PW request attempts not showing as “Blocked” in the mgr_un_pw_requests_man.asp page.
  • Fixes issue with “Quick Add” icon not showing to Customers
  • Fixes issue with Quick Add logic for showing the add address button.
  • Fixes issue where Quick Add for Addresses was creating a “global address”


  • Fixes issues with character encoding when saving values to an orders or order_shipments record.
  • Updates universal search to escape parenthesis when doing searches.
  • Cleans up the “UN/PW Requests” page so it clearly shows what is Blocked and what is not.
  • Fixes Retail “Menu” link text color on mobile.
  • Fixes issue with Power Users accessing Sales Order And Invoice Detail Pages.
  • Updates email generation to use new proxy urls.


  • Fixes issue with Google product feed g:shipping node name.
    • This was originally introduced in 2.1.0
  • Fixes Invoice Aging “View More” link on stats.asp page to retain context.
  • Fixes issues with recently_viewed_products.asp using AQT during impersonation.
  • Updates my_account.asp page Change Password button text when impersonating.
  • Fixes issue with Question Builder Property names that contain special characters. This was breaking the EVAL of the name as an ASP variable.
  • Updates datamove_configurations.function_config to be nvarchar(max) if it’s still set as text.
  • Fixes charset issue on payment page.
  • Fixes issue with saved search encoding.
  • Adds evolve script that generates an option override for product-child product many-to-many mapping and sets it on the user_right so the feature can use it.

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