Release 2023.09


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2023.09 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.7) – This is using a new release numbering scheme that better reflects when the the release is available. As reference using the old scheme this would have been release 2022.R1.7. Additionally as patch releases are made subsequent to this release, this article will be updated with patch information until the next minor release and new article is published.

Release date: 9/21/2023

Updates and Fixes

UPS Updates

  • NOTE: In June 2024 will no longer allow integrations using the current integration that CIMcloud uses and all clients using UPS will need to update their site with the new credentials for UPS to continue to work. The process for obtaining the new credentials can be found here –
  • CIMcloud UPS integration upgraded to support the new oAuth 2.0 UPS API. This API will eventually replace the now deprecated API we currently integrate with. This upgrade supports integration with UPS for package rating, address verification (requires add on bundle), and Freight (requires add on bundle) integrations.
  • The Shipping section of Application Settings has been updated for entering the new credentials (see link above for obtaining credentials). Once the credentials have been entered and saved these credentials will be used for all UPS integration calls.

Product Releases Release 2023.09 New Ups Credentials

Task Tracking & Tickets

Specific updates are listed below. This fucntionality is part of an Add-on Bundle and the following article will be updated with links to Add-on bundles and their functionality as they are published. – Optional Software Bundles Overview

  • Adds Sitefront Customer Task Tracking / Ticketing feature.
  • Enables Activity Type for “tickets” (this fixes notification emails for tickets being added or updated)
  • Fixes issue with sitefront submit_ticket.asp page not loading.

Open, Fast & Integrated (OFI)

Updates were made in this release as part of the CIMcloud Open, Fast, and Integrated (OFI) initiative.

Updates were made to improve site performance and speed results. Specific on performance enhancements can be found here –

Updates were made to to allow for more targeted css and javascript customizations. Specifics on these updates can be found here – Custom Javascript and CSS Update in Version 4.7

Search Service Changes

Search service is part of the on optional Add-on Bundle

  • solr core configs
    • Mitigate duplicated data in the inventory tables
    • Adds category_product_orderby_${category_id} dynamic field for sorting by the product_category_map.p_order field (falling back to the products.orderby field)
  • searchservice updates
    • Returns warehouse data for related products for feature parity with ssjs
    • Adds category_id param to allow sorting by the dynamic solr field category_product_orderby_${category_id}
  • Adds category_product_orderby_${category_id} to the sort object whitelist in the search config object
  • Adds new option WSP_SEARCH_SERVICE_CATEGORY_PRODUCTS_SORT used in pc_combined_results.asp to allow having a different sort by for category pages than an empty/blank search when using the search service.

PCI Vault Address Changes

  • Adds address collection to the vault popup but using code from the site (not the vault). This allows the use of core features to toggle features during collection (i.e. International addresses) and customizations using hooks and custom features. Users will now see the following pop-up when entering a new card or editing the address for an existing card during checkout.

Product Releases Release 2023.09 Credit Card Address Pop Up

Credit Hold Feature Updates

  • Fixed issues related to feature Stop Orders on Hold or Over Limit and Force Orders to CC only if on Hold or Over Limit. These are part of the Advanced Order Entry Tolls add-on bundle. These features have been combined and all functionality is through the Stop Orders on Hold or Over Limit. This feature allows setting each payment methods as to whether it is available to users based on the account being on credit hold or if the order takes them over their credit limit. If the feature is enabled and the user is on hold or over credit limit messages are displayed at checkout above the payment methods. These messages are configurable in the settings.
  • Detailed on the different functionality on this bundle can be found here – Advanced Order Entry Tools [U]

General Updates

  • Updates “Order” labels to be more generic across different order types (recurring, cart, etc)
  • Fixes issue where adding a domain from the app_settings.asp page would break.
  • Replaced SHOPPING_FEED_SHIPPING_SECTION option with GLOBAL_PRODUCT_FEED_SHIPPING_SETTINGS option on the manage product page (mgr_product_ae.asp).
  • Fixes “pending website orders” on sales_orders.asp when using multi-company.
  • Adds global function to write data to the object_error_log (OEL) table.
  • Removes “reason_text” from the session cookie because it was causing users to get blocked if that value contained a SQL exception.
  • The data previously written to the “reason_text” cookie property is now logged in the OEL.
  • Updates the logon process to only call the AD Login check on sitefront pages when on validip. This check caused timeouts on the live site when the AD login service was unavailable.
  • Creates new module for “Premium Search Service” that contains the 4.0-SEARCH-SERVICE feature.
  • Updates tinymce (WYSIWYG) editor to automatically prepend the CDN URL when inserting images.
  • Removes unused/orphaned system nav links.
  • Fixes issue with House User Checks when the accounts.ref_id contains an ampersand.
  • Fixes the field names for alias_sku_exact and alias_nm_exact for the searchservice boosts config
  • Updates to payment page so that a city is not required to show shipping prices.
  • Updates Enable child search roll up feature to also add p.child_rollup_search_terms and p.child_skus to the PRODUCT_FIELDS_TO_CHECK_PER_TERM
  • Fixes an issue where the USE_IP_ADDRESS_BLOCK feature toggle was missing most of it’s data.
  • Creates new feature to Exclude Freight Methods When Set for Parcel Only. This enables GLOBAL_SHIPVIAS_EXCLUDEFREIGHT.
  • COM version update to fix UoM price calculations
  • Shows BCC Order Email Addresses on the account_edit.asp page by default.

Patch Releases

This section will be updated with patch releases published after this release.

4.7.7 – released 11/27/2023

  • Fixes binary read error when uploading CSV files

4.7.6 – released 11/17/2023

  • Fixes rounding issues when calculating discounts for multiple shipments
  • Fixes issue with “customize” button linking to instead of ‘`
  • Fixes issue with Site Info badge showing with no links in it.
  • Fixes issue with caching calls when dataset_keys list is longer than the allowable url length.
  • Adds object_error_log record when caching calls fail.
  • Fixes issue where Search Terms Type ahead query pulls in disabled records.
  • Adds support for products as answers for configurator question types

4.7.5 – released 11/07/2023

  • Fixes select product options window ‘Add’ button placement not being aligned.
  • Fixes markup issues for product names on the showcart page and the showcart window.
  • Fixes issue where non-HTML IDP messages were not displaying on search results page.
  • Fixes issue where promo reward selections were not adding to cart
  • Fixes error on customer_group_edit.asp when there are more than 5000 accounts and/or customers.
  • Fixes issue with product back in stock reminder email not sending.

4.7.4 – released 10/26/2023

  • Fixes issue with promos on non-catalog pages.

4.7.3 – released 10/20/2023

  • Fixes issue in pricing overrides where the Stage2Price property wasn’t set on the product after the stage2 price was calculated, causing price breaks to return incorrect prices.
  • Fixes issue where saving a contact or worker would delete their active cart and session.
  • Fixes SQL error on backorders.asp (First introduced in 4.7.2)
  • Fixes issue with Enable child search roll up not searching the right product fields.
  • Fixes invalid order by issue on the combined results page when using SearchService for page types that do not use SearchSerivice for their results.

4.7.2 – released 10/16/2023

  • Fixes an issue where pricing overrides using an ext_price basis wasn’t multiplying the price by the quantity
  • Fixes an issue where pricing breaks were not returning when calling CalculateBreaks() for Acumatica
  • Added support for calculating and rounding the percent discount before calculating the price for a pricing override. This is controlled via the GLOBAL_PRICING_ROUND_PERCENT_DISCOUNT_BEFORE_APPLYING global option
  • Shows over credit limit message when no valid payment methods error shows.
  • Fixes odd behavior between the loading widget, toast notification and the page reloading when clearing cache from a cimcloud account.
  • Fixes integer overflow issue on Quote Notification email.
  • Updates help text on mgr_shipping_method_ae.asp related to “Collect Customer’s Shipping Account” section.
  • Fixes Issue with “allfeatures” UI for deployment team.
  • Fixes issue with Advanced Section not showing on Workspace Settings page.
  • Cleans up UI on Custom Code Edits to make it more clear which site and page the settings will be applied to.
  • Adds additional Session and Parent Session info to the cimcloud object.
  • Fixes issue with new “Customize” Badge on sandbox sites.
  • Removes CimCloud-Only requirement from Geographic Region pages in worker portal.
  • Adds Workspace Menu Links for “Activity Tags”
  • Moves shipping API log link to Settings Workspace.
  • Adds ‘Show Freight Fields’ workspace feature.
  • Defaults new activity calendar picker date to today’s date.
  • Clears sku entry input after using the Product Finder on the Payment page.
  • Fixes validation for username validation and logic when using email as username
    • Adds new global options to replace page-specific options:
      • GLOBAL_USE_EMAIL_AS_USERNAME – not set by default
      • GLOBAL_USERNAME_LABEL – defaults to Username to match page-specific options it replaces
      • GLOBAL_USERNAME_VALID_MESSAGE – defaults to Username is Valid. to match page-specific options it replaces
      • GLOBAL_USERNAME_NO_VALUE_MESSAGE – defaults to Please enter a username. to match page-specific options it replaces
      • GLOBAL_INVALID_LOGIN_MESSAGE – defaults to Invalid Username or Password to match the most common page-specific options and hard-coded text
    • Consolidates validation and some logic for consistency across pages that add or edit contacts.
    • Removes invalid and replaced page-specific option override mappings
  • Minor validation and other fixes on contact_edit.aspmy_billing.aspcreate_login.asp and create_login_and_account.asp
  • Adds feature with settings (dev workspace only) for Use Email Address As Username to set all the appropriate options:
    • Toggles:
    • Settings:
  • Updates import export authorizations for statescounties, and countries to be visible to Workers
  • Adds ‘Show Freight Fields’ on Shipping Methods workspace feature.
  • Fixes issue in pricing overrides where the Stage1Price property wasn’t set on the product after the stage1 price was calculated, causing price breaks to return incorrect prices.

4.7.1 – released 9/27/2023

  • Adds the product idp_eta_date field to available searchservice fields via SolrConfigVersion v44
  • Updates digital product add-edit page to accept document and zip file types
  • Fixes error message display for invalid file type uploaded on digital product add-edit page
  • Updates wording for file upload options in Edit mode on digital product add-edit page to be more precise
  • Adds Status filter to mgr_man_warehouse.asp and mgr_man_inventory_levels.asp
  • Fixes the label in the account action for creating a new address.
  • Adds customer site name to the body class list for easier customizations.
  • Fixes JS bug on products_to_form_elements_ae.asp when choosing a related product.
  • Updates search results page to allow adding products to cart when use cart options is enabled on the product but the feature is disabled.
  • Fixes issue with AQT display activators on the worker_edit.asp page.
  • Adds Dataset support to prod_doc_list.asp page.
  • Adds check to data_rights_edit.asp to prevent issues when a large number of products are mapped to a Data Right.
  • Removes “User Rights” section from data_rights_edit.asp page (previously only showed for WSP employees).
  • Fixes column priorities on su_activities_man.asp
  • Fixes display issue with Workspace Menu Links on Mobile devices.
  • Fixes issue with saving a parent product when mapped using the parent child map table with a NULL qty field.
  • Fixes issue with Invoice Sub Total calculation (removes the discount amount that was being added to the subtotal).
  • Fixes “Create payment” workflow for workers. “Pay Now” links on invoices will now correctly impersonate the account and the “Leave Workflow” action will return the worker to their original session.

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