Release 2020.R2.1


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2020.R2.1 (CIMcloud internal tag 2.1.1)

System Data Versioning

  • Implements an MVP for SDV on Navigation Links. Core links can no longer be edited on local sites. The links can be disabled and cloned, and new links can be added to core linksets.

Product Releases Release 2020.R2.1 Linkset Changes

Child Tab Display Updates

  • Updates Parent-Child product tab data inheritance to work on each tab instead of the entire tabs object. If the parent has tabs 1-4 and the child has 1-3, it will add the 4th tab from the parent to the child display.

Work Space Updates

  • Adds Context Support to the Following pages in the CRM Workspace. The items now appear in the top banner when looking at a specific account and when selected these menus will filter for the specific account.
    • Product Interactions
    • Saved For Later Carts
    • Email-a-Friend Requests
    • Saved Searches
    • UN/PW Requests
    • Contact Us
    • Online Orders
    • Backorders
    • Invoice Details
    • Invoice Aging
    • Online Payments
    • Credits
    • Credit Card Transactions

Product Releases Release 2020.R2.1 Menu Context

  • Updates access to “worker” features. They are now only available under a dedicated “Workspace Settings” menu
    • Removes “Workers” feature category from Application Settings, Customer Groups and Site Settings pages.
    • Updates “Workspace Settings” page to globally configure worker features. This functions exactly like the current “Application Settings” except it applies to only feature settings.

Product Releases Release 2020.R2.1 Workspace Settings

Global Addresses

  • Adds dedicated Manage and Add-Edit pages for Global Addresses in the Settings Workspace under Shipping. These addresses are also filtered out of the main addresses.asp page.

Product Releases Release 2020.R2.1 Global Addresses Screenshot

Slide Shows

  • Adds support for a slideshow just below the Hero Image in the standard core template
  • The slideshow is enabled and configured on the Customer Sites > Design Settings page.

Settings Additions and Updates

  • Worker Settings and Quotes with Conversation Logs – Previously turning on Quotes with Conversation Logs turned on a range of abilities for workers including the ability to override product price and shipping costs. This has been removed from this feature and the ability for workers to have these abilities should be managed with worker groups.

General Updates

  • Adds Feature Setting for “Require Login to View Inventory”.
  • Fixes for Tool tips on the following pages:
    • mgr_product_ae.asp
    • mgr_wpc_addedit_webpage.asp
    • feature_settings_include.asp
    • LIB_Save_For_Later.asp
    • LIB_SEO_Settings.asp
  • Fixes error posting shipping settings when no feature toggles are available.
  • Adds position and alphabetic sort to the Workspace Menu Links
  • Fixes Nested, Hidden Boolean Feature Setting UI.
  • Adds “Impersonate” link to the account_edit.asp page.
  • Updates Customer Portal menu to select the active link based on the data-addlink attribute. This is used to add the “add link url” to the attribute so the manage link is active when on the edit page.
  • Fixes “item not available” text on the Sales Order and Invoice Detail pages.
  • Adds “Pay Now” button to “Open Invoices” section of the Statement page.
  • Updates field labels for UPS Credentials on the Shipping Settings page.
  • Adds new action hook MgrOrderHeaderAEAddActionSAFormBottom to mgr_order_header_ae.asp page
  • Bug fix in breadcrumb output related to Google Search Console
  • Removed the transform on product flags that was causing them to bleed off the product image.

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