Release 2022.R1.5


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2022.R1.5 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.5)

Release date: 6/22/2023

Updates and Fixes

Product Configurator

Introduced Product Configurator into core product.  For a full list of features and setup information, please review our Product Configurator category for a list of articles reviewing setup and management.

New Product Configurator Management Interface

A single interface where you can add questions/answers/products and mappings between them all.  Once configurator is enabled in the workspace settings, you can access this at “Product Configurations” (mgr_configuration_ae.asp) in the worker portal.

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.5 Product Configurator Management Interface

System Email Updates

Updates all system emails to support Customer Site Branding and overrides.  Prior to this update System Email queries excluded records where the L_WS_ID was set and didn’t match the WS_ID.

General Updates

  • Fixes issue with “tally by” pricing override logic.
  • General cleanup for Soft Goods emails.
  • Fixes issues with USPS External Methods
  • Fixes issue with Address Verification feature.
  • Creates / Updates the Quote Notification Email.
  • Fixes GA4 cart error when cart is empty
  • Adds a confirmation pop-up when deleting user rights
  • Enables Online Order CSV Export Action on the `mgr_manage_orders.asp` page.

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