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Release 2023.07 (Previous Designation 2022.R1.6)


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2022.R1.6 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.6). Using new release designation schema this is now being designated as Release 2023.07.

Release date: 7/19/2023

Updates and Fixes

Speed Optimizations

  • Optimizes when Knockout templates are included to reduce the size of the page being delivered. This is now controlled by the calling page (pc_combined_results.asp, pc_product_detail.asp, payment.asp, etc) by setting either usingKOCatalog to true, usingKOCart to true, or both.
  • Also removes crm templates unless they are being used by the Global Context Nav or by enabling Interaction Log and Search (GLOBAL_USE_CRM)

Exploded View Diagram

  • Adds Worker Feature for managing Exploded View Data.
  • Adds support for the Qty and Notes fields on the parent product child product mapping (ppcpm) table.
  • Adds support for mapping the ppcpm fields when mapping a parent product to a child.
  • Adds new feature settings for the Exploded View Diagram column Header labels for ID, Quantity and Notes.
  • Adds new feature setting to toggle the Image column on the Exploded View Diagram
  • Fixes issues with ID display using pos and opt1(letter) fields

ADA Compliance

  • Updates catalog_templates to support alt text on marking icons on product images.
  • Adds alt text for rating star icons.
  • Adds title/aria labels for faceted search and category sidebar close icon.
  • Draws alt text on additional images (product.multi_pic).
  • Updates helptip <button> element to include aria-label of the question

Split Payments

(split payments are currently not supported in core and requires customizations. This work is to make customizations easier and for future support of split payments. Split payments allows for entering different payment information for shipments on sites that support multiple shipments and split orders into the ERP)

  • Rounds the bill me amount when calculating the split payment transactions.
    • This is needed so the amounts will match up properly when a coupon is applied
      • I.e. if the split shipment total ends up being 4.7689 for one of the shipments after a coupon is applied, the shipment is rounded to 4.77. We need to also round the billme amount so it will match
  • Adds an API handler for the SetOrderPaymentData method
    • This is needed to simplify sitefront code updates so we can just call the API instead of writing a bunch of custom code to work directly with the COM

Supervisor Approval

Detail on supervisor approvals including these changes see – Supervisor Order Approval System

  • Adds support for return to submitter workflow
  • Fixes issue with supervisor placing order and cvv required
  • Fixes reject email issues
  • Adds supervisor approval orders in process page

General Updates

  • Adds new Feature Setting question type for selecting images.
  • Fixes closing quote in class of login inputs.
  • Removes last references to old address to account/customer mapping tables that have not been used in years.
  • Adds support for tally_threshold_totals_by_FieldName
  • Centralizes the Javascript email regex and it is now being used by account.aspcreate_login_and_account.asp, and create_login.asp.
  • Updates the order_detail logic to not update all detail lines when a product’s of_create* fields are updated. It only updates the specific order’s detail lines when the change is made.

Additional Patch Releases

These are patch releases released after the minor release for this article


Release Date 08/10/2023

  • Adds an additional check to prevent the same hook from being registered twice. This was causing some email information to duplicate.
  • Fixes SQL error on mgr_manage_imports_exports.asp.
  • Updates sanitize function used for order by to allow ordering by [table] (specifically when wrapped with []) since it is a valid field name used in our import_export_authorizations table.
  • Forces a NULL uom_conversion to 1 when calculating Sales UOM Price.


Release Date 08/08/2023

  • Fixes ambiguous column errors caused by the addition of tx_amount and tax_rate_percent to the order_details_shipment_map table in the previous release


Release Date 08/02/2023

  • Fixes issue when we migrate a site and users have cookies with invalid L_WS_ID values in them.
  • Fixes issue where shipping estimator page has an empty state list when USE_COUNTRY is disabled.
  • Makes priceBeforeAdjustment more consistent.
  • Adds check for qtyDisplayType.
  • Cleans up support for PriceBeforeAdjustment.
  • Updates the following pages to show child products since they pull from Sales Order and Invoice History data.
    • frequently_ordered_products.asp
    • largest_spend_products.asp
    • recently_ordered_products.asp
    • largest_qty_ordered_products.asp
  • Fixes issue with character encoding on input quantity view and breadcrumbs.
  • Moves SHOWCART-SETTINGS feature to CART module.
  • Cleans up benchmark page.
  • Fixes issue with “Optional Members” list being empty when creating a new activity.
  • Moves SHOW-CREATE-USER feature from CART module to ARP Module.
  • Adds logic to mitigate some SQL injection attacks.
  • Fixes issue where security_logon.asp redirected to an invalid page name by appending the querystring without a ?.
  • Removes trailing ‘|’ character from multi_Pic Postlogic on mgr_product_ae_.asp.
  • Updates ‘Show Shipping Addresses’ feature to correctly map to ‘Show Shipping Addresses’ user right.
  • Fixes issue where Pricing Overrides were not using parent Pricing Overrides.
  • Replaces MultiSelect with MultiInput for data sets on add_edit_links.asp.
  • Removes ‘Order Date’ as a searchable field on sales_orders.asp.
  • Adds page.asp to the robots.txt file and redirects to default.asp if page.asp querystring requirements are not met.
  • Adds text to further explain ERP Terms Code field on mgr_payment_methods_ae.asp.
  • Fixes bug where ‘Invalid Order Payment Profile records exist.’ ValidIP() message was always showing on tax settings page.


  • Fixes issue with addresses.asp page showing disabled addresses.
  • Fixes issue with being able to add parent products to an order from the “Enter a SKU” box on the payment page.
  • Fixes issue with ARP and CART modules not getting an activation date
  • Fixes issue with CONFIGURATOR-BUNDLE getting marked as purchased in the 4.5.0 update.
  • Creates dm_installs records if they don’t exist for UNPW1,UNPW2,UNPW3 and EM-FRIEND-PROD.
  • Fixes issue with app menu on certain workspace pages (introduced in 4.5.0).

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