Release 2021.R1.3


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2021.R1.3 (CIMcloud internal tag 3.3)

Updates and Fixes


Power Customer Updates (Available as part of the Power Customer Bundle – Power Customers)

  • Adds ability for Contacts to be set to access information from multiple accounts using their one login from the customer site (not worker portal) and to be able to impersonate users on these accounts all outside of National Account set-up. This allows for Customer Site end users to have access to multiple ERP customers with one login with several possible settings. It adds these settings for contacts

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.3 Power Contact Settings

  • Replaces “National Accounts” wording with either “Power Customers” or “Parent-Child Accounts” depending on the context.
  • Adds parent_child_type field to accounts with the possible values of stand-aloneparent and child.
    • An Evolve Script updates existing accounts to set this new value based on the existing data. If the account record has national_account set to true, it will bet set as a “parent” account. If the account has the parent_a_id set, it will be set as a “child” account. All others will be set as “stand-alone”.

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.3 Power Customers Contacts Page

  • Adds “sold to” filtering support on the following pages in addition to the existing standard order and invoice history pages to allow for viewing multiple account information across these pages.
    • backorders.asp
    • create_payment.asp
    • credits.asp
    • payments.asp
    • product_history_detail.asp
    • product_history_report.asp
    • products_invoiced_report.asp
    • product_invoiced_detail.asp
    • shipments.asp
  • Adjusts AQT question messaging to reflect it being chosen on account and not contact.
  • Updates my_billing.asp page to hide AQT options.

Customer Site Updates (Additional Customer Sites requires additional bundle purchase)

  • Adds support for the new Customer Site url format which now allows for Customer Sites to be created in the Worker Portal without making any DNS or networking changes. All sites should have a wildcard SSL and routing setup so any subdomain of our internal URLs (cimstaging and cimproduction) should already load the main site. The code will then parse the URL and pass it to the Session object to handle the Session Create. This will not impact any existing customer sites already created. The new customer site structure is:
  • As part of this update any site with existing additional customer sites will update to support the new naming convention. Both the old and new naming conventions will work. NOTE: any customer site already live on a customer’s domain will not see any changes to the production domain. You will notice changes to cimstaging while the old links will still function. Cimproduction will be noticed only if not currently live.
    • For example if you have an additional customer site “custsite1” in addition to you main site, (mainsite –; it is not live; and you currently access this site as for staging and,  you will see the following.
      • You will still be able to access the site using and but it will also be accessible by and Using any preview or impersonate links will use the new format.
      • If you were live on the additional custom site at as the production site. This will still be the site referenced by any links on the site from production. Cimstaging links will use the new format.
      • Any new additional customer site will only use the new format.

General Updates

  • Performance improvements on sites using product datasets with a large number of products in the product dataset map.
  • Adds option for Return/RMA creation screen (Part of RMA Bundle) to be able to hide the return location portion of the page.
  • Adds new global variable: GLOBAL_MAX_RECORDS_FOR_MULTISELECT and checks to see if the number of data set records is above the threshold for multi-select on the shipping, product, and category add/edit pages. If so, it automatically switches to the MultiInput.
  • Applies condition to the account page to prevent customers without addresses from creating a new address if configured to not allow new addresses if none exist.
  • Creates option, SHIP_CUTOFF_NUM_DAYS_OUT, to set the number of cut off days out that can be set. This will allow setting out from the current 90 days max.
  • Adds global option GLOBAL_TAX_FILTER_BY_COMPANYFILE to toggle new field [txs].[erp_company]
  • Updates ordering object to version 346: tax schedule company file filter
  • Checks to see if the address payload is using isGlobalAddress instead of global as a property. Removes the defaulting of an address to global if the global property does not exist.
  • Fixes issue with carriage returns not being replaced in the cc and bcc address fields on mgr_se_settings_edit.asp
  • Fixes bulk add to cart on mobile CSS so that it fills the page in the modal.
  • Fixes issue where where RMA emails were not showing reason / action.
  • Fixes confirmation redirect on customer_sites.asp
  • Fixes Group By Contact on the pending_orders.asp page.
  • Fixes issues with Workspace Settings UI and “worker-master” group mappings.


  • Fixes inconsistent logic when displaying the “Pay Now” button on erp_invoice_detail.aspinvoices.asp and statements.asp
  • Adds Sage version 2020 and 2021 to mgr_erp_driver_installs_ae.asp page.
  • Fixes issue with setting the account ID on the mgr_contact_us_ae.asp page
  • Fixes issue where users were able to edit addresses even though the “Allow address edits” was disabled.
  • Fixes Payment Method Name display on mgr_view_order.asp
  • Fixes issue with uploading files using form.asp
  • Fixes Issues with Worker Price overrides on the payment page including using the Gross Margin Calculations.
  • Fixes character encoding issues with Multi-Pic Alt Text and Parent Product Opt1.
  • Fixes “Application Memory” error with newly built sites that don’t have any settings applied yet.


  • Updates Cypress urls to test against production instead of staging.
  • Fixes encoding/escaping issue in faceted search xml
  • Fixes issue with Default Domain not showing or saving on the Customer Site Edit page
  • Fixes faceted search when text is translated to a different language
  • Fixes invalid image url prefix in several places
  • Fixes issue with modifying your username from my_billing.asp
  • Updates breadcrumb logic to ignore “dynamic” links (links that don’t use a static page url).
  • Updates the two Breadcrumb Datamoves to remove the use of se_directory
  • Fixes issue with Customer Site Features redirecting to Main Site after saving.
  • Adds change tracking to the Settings interfaces for Application Settings, Customer Sites, Workspace Settings, Customer Groups and Worker Groups
    • UI to display the changes, show the differences and add “undo” support coming in a future release.
    • For now, changes can be seen in settings_change_log and change_log_detail tables.


  • This fixes a previous evolve script that was updating the wrong datamove.
  • Fixes Featured Product error when using Unit of Measure
  • Fixes issue where adding a sku to an order through the Quick Add Input, would ignore the Quantity Increment feature.
  • Fixes issue with completing a paypal order.
  • Fixes issue where modifying a Customer or Worker Group REF_ID would generate a new record.
  • Fixes domain switching issue on View Record link on exception detail page
  • Adds assignable field to feature_edit.asp page.
  • Fixes missing image on help icons.
  • Fixes issue with coupon code not showing on order confirmation summary.
  • Fixes issue with promotions not displaying on products until after add to cart
  • Moves USE_QTY_INCREMENT option from page level to global.
  • Fixes error on Featured Products when using Unit of Measure.
  • Fixes issue with updating the quantity of a Promotion Target Product from the payment page.


  • Miscellaneous changes to power customer handling on sitefront
    • Stops sending non-workers to su_account_detail.asp from DDTs
    • On child_accounts_man.asp and child_users_man.asp:
      • Standardizes account columns across pages
      • Adds default options


  • Fixes issue where features in new modules show as “overridable” on the Application Settings when the value is actually not set.
  • Miscellaneous Sitemap changes
    • Adds GLOBAL_SITEMAP_CHANGE_FREQUENCY to be able to override the change frequency value. Defaults to “never”.
    • Removes lower case on Canonical Url Generation.
  • On payment_confirmation.asp:
    • Add hook PaymentConfirmationEmailActionPaymentInformation
    • Add “credit / debit card” as a valid case for payment method
  • Fixes reference to order object in item.qty.subscribe causing function undefined error
  • Fixes issue with missing Order Actions on payment page.


  • Fixes issue where Workers Editing Address records would reset the id based on the worker’s account info.
  • Adds Multi Company support to Bulk Add to Cart Process.
  • Fixes issue where “Workspace Settings” were mapped to the application instead of the worker-master group.
  • Fixes any worker-only features mapped incorrectly by moving them to the worker-master group
  • Moves SUBTRACT_EXCISE_TAXES_FROM_PRODUCT_TOTALS option from page level to global.
  • Updates my_billing_a.asp page to check the “Enable Billing Address Edits” Feature.
  • Fixes name length validation for static page name to match field size
  • Fixes HTML encoding on catalog pages for dropdown lists

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