Release 2021.R1.2


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2021.R1.1 (CIMcloud internal tag 3.2)

Updates and Fixes

  • Fixes Add Slide button on mgr_addedit_slide_show.asp to add to the correct slideshow
  • Fixes “filters applied” tooltip styling in customer portal.
  • Fixes cache clear for anonymous sessions when saving application settings
  • Fixes record count issue on mgr_account_balances.asp page caused by grouping
  • Updates for ADA compliance
    • No space between attributes.
      • Faceted Search – Added space between attributes
    • Duplicate id – the same ID is used on more than one element.
      • Updated duplicate IDs in the following pages:

        • Homepage
        • Contact Us
        • Interaction Tracker
    • The element <label> must not appear as a descendant of the label element.
      • Removed nested <label> element in Forms/Product configurator
    • Identify row and column headers in data tables using th elements, and mark layout tables with role=”presentation”
      • Modified data tables with necessary role property
    • Do not use the <meta viewport> tag to disable zoom.
      • Enabled maximum-scale to 2 on zoom for vision impaired users
  • Enables EBIZ connect (SHOW_EBIZCONNECT_GATEWAY) as a standard gateway option.
  • Fixes typo in password reset request form
  • Fixes issue with create_login_and_account.asp and create_login_select_acct.asp Confirmation Text not showing.
    • These pages now redirect back to security_login.asp with confirm=2 or confirm=3 based on which create type is being used.
  • Previous CONFIRMATION_TEXT options are updated to be separate globals for each page: CREATE_LOGIN_AND_ACCOUNT_CONFIRMATION_TEXT and CREATE_LOGIN_SELECT_ACCOUNT_CONFIRMATION_TEXT. [migration-script]
  • Fixes qty changes on existing lines getting reset on bulk atc when adding another product
  • Fixes issue with child session getting the wrong parent session key.
  • Fixes issue with ImportTimeout field being duplicated on the erp_driver_from_web_configs_ae.asp page
  • Updates BCC/CC Email Settings to allow clients to delimit emails with a newline. The value is saved to the database as semicolons as the delimiter.
  • Fixes issues with robots crawling the find data lightbox page
  • Fixes issue with child session getting the wrong parent session key.
  • Fixes issue with child categories not showing in the category windows
  • Fixes issue with orders.created_by_c_id and orders.parent_c_id not getting set in all use cases.
  • Adds orders.modified_by_c_id to track which user made the last edit.
  • Adds Power Customer support for “placed_by_c_id”
  • Fixes for CVV and PayPal
  • Sets SandboxVaultUrl when running in the sandbox environment
  • Updates Ordering Object to version 339:
    • Fixes an issue where switching between multiple to single shipments caused details to get duplicated and break shipment editing
    • Adds parent session and modified by c_id support
    • Adds code to read cvv2 code from form post
    • Adds missing calculations for uom_sales price when there are no pricing overrides that apply
  • Adds “Created By” and “Last Modified By” columns to pending order pages.
  • Adds “Created By” and “Placed By” columns to the online orders page.
  • Fixes showcart layout issue on mobile.


  • Fixes issue with pending_orders.asp page when viewing as a worker.
  • Updates Ordering Object to version 333 to fix issue with order actions
  • Fixes issue with new email body and older versions of the Abandoned Cart Email
  • Updates Ordering Object to version 332 to fix issues with the API.
  • Fixes an issue with the invoice/SO number not displaying when there are no results
    • Passes invoice/sales order number via querystring as it is not returned by a search without results
  • Updates templates to show more detailed messages if no valid products are found on the sales order or invoice
  • Fixes state validation on create_login_and_account.asp
  • Fixes multi-company product filter when in quote workflow on worker domain
  • Fixes mismatched labels for cart advanced settings on mobile
  • Fixes address dropdown update when editing an address on the payment page
  • Fixes missing Add Address button on multiple address view on payment page
  • Fixes issue where “Add 5 Rows” button only added 1 row
  • Adds customer object to product detail GTM event.


  • Fixes links in image help help tips
  • Fixes invalid page title in portal when the app menu has no matching menu name
  • Fixes parent session ID issue with quote workflow.
  • Fixes Worker Price Edits when the product cost and price are both zero.
  • Fixes the showTaxTotal flag on the payment page.
  • Updates the worker portal to hide Export buttons on pages based on access to the workspace and individual record access for the following entities.
    • Products
    • Product Categories
    • Faceted Search Terms and Groups
    • Accounts
    • Customers
    • Addresses
  • Hides the “Back to Workspace” button if the worker doesn’t have access to the specific workspace.
  • Updates the Product to Account History Rollup datamove to use a Datamove Function to improve performance and prevent timeouts on sites with large amounts of history data.
  • Remove product account history fields from catalog sort options if user is not logged in
  • Fixes image helptips on the product add/edit page.
  • Fixes missing id attribute on product quantity box in catalog templates
  • Fixes product warehouse setting in autoAddToCart on payment page
  • Fixes missing Renumbering link in the portal settings menu
  • Fixes case-sensitive check for portal link visibility
  • Fixes deprecated virtualweb url with 301 permanent redirect to maintain SEO

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