Release 2022.R1.4


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2022.R1.4 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.4)

Release date: 4/24/2023

Updates and Fixes

Email Logs

Added a new page in the Settings Workspace in the Worker Portal to show the Email Send Log. This shows the status of emails that are sent from the CIMcloud platform like the Order Confirmation Email, Contact Us Confirmation, Password Reset, etc… Currently this does not allow for the ability to attempt to resend the email, but that will be coming in a future release. Details can be found here: Worker Portal – Email Log


Adds support for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) events: search, view_item, add_to_cart, view_cart, begin_checkout, and purchase. The following are links to CIMcloud articles about GA4.

Faceted Search Terms with Images

Fixes issues and adds support for applying images as part of faceted search terms. This functionality is part of the Bundle – Enterprise / Faceted Search [J]

A Search Group can be set to type “Image”

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.4 Search Group Type

The Search Term can then be set with an image

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.4 Search Term Image

This will display in the Faceted Search Window on the sitefront as follows. This example is showing colors but this can be a logo or other representation of a term and does not need to just be a square image.

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.4 Faceted Image Display

Promotions and UOM Update

Adds standard support for using UOM with Product Promotions when a site is using both of these additional features. When both bundles are in scope Advanced Merchandising Tools [S] (for Promotions) and Advanced Add to Cart and Order Entry [3M] (for UOM), you can set the specific UOM on promotion target and reward products to be able to specify which UOM(s) apply to the promotion. So you can set up something like Buy Two Cases and Get a Free Bottle.

Product Releases Release 2022.R1.4 Promotion Uom

General Updates

  • Updates Split Order Datamove to copy “placed by” and “created by” to the child orders.
  • Fixes “Total Qty” link on product_history_report.asp page.
  • Fixes issue with Power Customers where certain pages didn’t show data for the “sold to” account:
    • code/backorders.asp
    • code/contacts.asp
    • code/create_payment.asp
    • code/credits.asp
    • code/managerfront/mgr_rma_man.asp
    • code/payments.asp
    • code/product_history_detail.asp
    • code/product_history_report.asp
    • code/products_invoiced_detail.asp
    • code/products_invoiced_report.asp
    • code/shipments.asp
    • code/su_users_man.asp
  • Fixes issue where disabled warehouses are returned by the searchservices
  • Adds ability to sort by setup_retail_price and price_sretail_price fields when using the searchservice
  • Moves where we set the product mapPriceType value to the default in GLOBAL_PRICE_DISPLAY_TYPE_DEFAULT if it’s empty or null from the product detail page to the productModel in catalog templates so it is consistent between the results and detail pages.
  • Updates feature “Show Invoices In Menu” to also show/hide the invoice display on sales orders and shipments.
  • Adds new feature setting under “Show Invoice In Menu” for “Show Invoice Number as link on Shipments page?”.
  • Adds new feature setting under “Show Invoice In Menu” for “Show Invoice Number as link on Sales Orders page?”
  • Fixes issue with the incorrect option used for default UoM selection for simple UoM
    • Adds new global option GLOBAL_USE_SALES_UOM_AS_DEFAULT (not set/false by default)
    • Maintains the existing default of uom_std
  • Fixes a few UoM issues when used with the searchservice turned on
  • Fixes missing pricetrace info when for action=showpricetrace querystring when using the searchservice
  • Fixes issue with confirmation page when editing a warehouse record.



  • Maps API resources to modules for Directory Listing and Product Aliases.
  • Fixes error on recurring_orders.asp page.
  • Adds message body files for recurring order confirmation and failure emails.
  • Adds Recurring Order Confirmation and Exception System Emails.
  • Fixes issue with Keyword Searches being logged repeatedly when holding down Enter or clicking the submit button multiple times.
  • Updates recurring order Datamoves to work with K8 Datamove Console.


  • Updates Fedex Rate Type “Preferred” to save a value of 2 instead of 1.
  • Fixes syntax error in evolve script to create Site Front feature to enable Skins.
  • Removing Pendo from Core. The Pendo include, global_pendo_script.asp, has been removed from master_top.asp and managerfront_top.asp and the contents of the include have been replaced by a validip deprecation warning. global_pendo_script.asp will be removed from Core in a future release.
  • Fixes issue where “disabled” State options displayed in Safari on iOS and MacOS.
  • Adds noindex meta tag to the following pages:
    • security_logon.asp
    • email_friend_request.asp
    • add_product_to_favorites.asp
  • Updates api_app_authorizations.asp and api_resources_man.asp to only display “Resources” (import_export_authorizations) that are part in modules that have been purchased.
  • Fixes issue where category window only preselected the active category when logged in.
  • Defaults PO Number field to ON on the mgr_order_header_ae.asp.
  • Moves IP Block features to BASE from TIER-3-MISC
  • Adds action hook UserAndAccountCreateActionBelowContactName to create_login_and_account.asp page.
  • Adds page option OPEN_CREATE_ACCOUNT_MODAL to security_logon.asp page, defaults to 1 to maintain existing behavior.
  • Adds a new global function to turn a phrase or word into a help tip with in the text of a page.
  • drawPageTitleHelpTip(helpText, helpTitle, tipText)
    • helpText – The content of the help tip popup.
    • helpTitle – The title of the help tip popup.
    • tipText – The inline text that will trigger the popover on over.
    • Product Releases Release 2022.R1.4 Help Tip Example
  • Automated testing > add data-testid attribute for shipment items in payment page


  • Fixes issue with ERP product Import errors created in 4.3.0
  • Fixes missing port number for sandbox database value in vault querystring
  • Defaults invoice validation on create account to allow non-numeric characters by default (defaulting ALLOW_NON_NUMERIC_INVOICE_NUMBERS to 1).
  • Fixes issue with the User Groups Multi-input on account_edit.asp and contact_edit.asp when more than 5000 User Groups exist.
  • Requires ‘Nickname’ on cart option question create and fixes cart options questions that already exist that do not have a nickname set.
  • Updates the status Filter Value on addresses.asp to be ‘Active’ instead of ‘Enabled’ to match the filter.
  • Corrects [static_files].source_url if it still contains
  • Adds sitefront feature of skins and updates skin check.
  • Adds Setting to “Shipping Settings” to add the Country Droplist to the shipping estimator window.
  • Updates favorites_lists.asp to ignore datasets when being viewed by a worker.
  • Adds the selected CSV filename to the UI for import steps 2 and 3.
  • Updates back in stock datamove’s query version.
  • Fixes alt text on categories and slides and falls back to category name if alt text is missing
  • Updates Gift Card Generate Datamove to a new query that pulls in the l_ws_id off the order.
  • Updates the Generate Gift Card Datamove to have of_create_gc output field use ‘Copy from Final Source’.

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