Release 2021.R1.7


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2021.R1.7 (CIMcloud internal tag 3.7)

Release date: 8/11/2022

Updates and Fixes

Add-On Products

  • Add-on Products is an existing feature and part of the Advanced Add to Cart and Order Entry Bundle. This feature had not been fully configured in the most recent platform.
  • Add-on products adds the ability for stand-alone and child products in the droplist view to be configured to show other products that can be purchased at the same time with the same add to cart action.
    • These product additions allow for selecting the quantity of the product to be added but after the items have been added to the cart they are not tied in any way and can be updated or deleted separately without impacting the other product.
    • These add-on products do not check additional settings for things like add to cart ability based on inventory display settings or min/max quantity settings.
    • These products can be configured in several different views: droplist, radio buttons, or checklists. Here is an example of the display using radio buttons:

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.7 Add On Product Display

  • Add on products can be configured from the main product they are bing added to or through a separate interface. If using the separate interface the main product has to be set for the add-on products for them to display.
    • Carrier product interface. Product add/edit page in the worker portal

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.7 Add On Product Product Add Edit

    •  Main menu interface

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.7 Add On Product Sep Interface

  • Adds the following Application and Workspace settings:
    • Workspace setting:

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.7 Add On Workspace Setting

    • Application Setting:
      • Note that the previous setting that did not function for add-on products has been deprecated.

Product Releases Release 2021.R1.7 Add On App Setting


LVU Compatibility Interfaces

  • This is an internal CIMcloud only addition to help with sites that are upgrading to the latest version of the platform. For internal employee reference see the article “Interfaces to Clean Up Local Option Conflicts.”
  • This adds new pages to CIMcloud only section of the worker portal to identify local options that have been set that need to be reviewed and potentially migrated to the new Feature framework.

New API Framework

  • Adds new interfaces for managing API Framework data. For more details on the API framework you can review this article – API Framework & Technical Overview
  • This functionality requires the purchase of add-on bundle for API


    • Fixes rounding issue on ‘PriceBeforeAdjustment’ on order_detail records.
    • Adds Evolve Script to verify the “Manage Data Rights” data move is installed enabled.
    • Fixes issue with Show Pricing on Sales Order History Pages not working on product_history_report.asp and product_history_detail.asp pages.
    • Fixes issue with Show Pricing on Invoice History Pages not working on products_invoiced_report.asp and products_invoiced_detail.asp pages.
    • Fixes issue with feature_settings.asp page not showing “Standard” Feature Setting data.
    • Fixes issue with invalid Feature Toggles showing when creating a Custom Feature.
    • Fixes issue with Custom Feature Settings being creating without setting the system_data_record to false.
    • Fixes issue with missing data on the global_addresses.asp page.
    • Updates content pages that support static pages, but do not have a static page set, to include the “noindex” meta tag. This will prevent google from indexing invalid urls like page.asp or pc_product_detail.asp with no content key.
    • Fixes issue with default order status filtering on completed_orders.asp and open_orders.asp
    • Fixes local sandbox issue

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