Release 2021.R1.4


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2021.R1.4 (CIMcloud internal tag 3.4)

Updates and Fixes

Accounts Query Type (AQT) Updates

  • Adds option for new UI that forces the user to select an Account or a Product before displaying info on the pages noted below. This helps with page speed on sites that are experiencing slow load times or timeouts on the pages following. Options to control this on the worker portal and/or the sitefront for users currently needs to be configured by CIMcloud per site. If needed please reach out to CIMcloud.
    • product_history_report.asp
    • product_history_detail.asp
    • products_invoiced_report.asp
    • products_invoiced_detail.asp
  • Relevant Link for AQT

Image Cache Busting

  • Adds Image Cache Busting to the buildImagePath function. This sets a DateTime on a LocalOption record and appends that to all image requests. This value is stored in the database so that it’s central and not unique per IIS instance. Adds new “clear image cache” button to the Upload file page to the user can force the image urls to update.
    • The “clear image cache” button is being defaulted off while we work through Clear Cache issues. It will be defaulted on in a future release.
    • GLOBAL_SHOW_CLEAR_IMAGE_CACHE can be used to enable the clear image cache button for testing.

Customer Site Maintenance Mode

Adds support for putting an individual Customer Site into Maintenance mode. This will direct the user to a page displaying a configurable logo and message. Optionally, You can set a passcode to bypass the maintenance mode so you can test changes on the site while end users are locked out.

Details can be found in this article – Maintenance Mode Setting

General Updates

  • Adds aria-label property to the .nys_remove element for ADA compliance.
  • Adds New Feature for Enable Account Display Format Override. This allows for setting the Account Display format using tag replacement.
    • Defaults To: {name} ({num})
    • Supported Tags:
      • {name}
      • {num}
      • {division}
      • {company}
  • Allows Bookmarks (Quick Access Links) to open in modal if their originating link is set to (e.g. Place and Order, Make a Payment, etc ).
  • Adds field validation to Shipping Credentials on the Application Settings page Shipping Tab.
  • Fixes form builder error on ae_prod_cat_2008.asp page
  • Fixes an issue where posting the Avalara Tax Settings would sometimes create a duplicate order_payment_profile record.
  • Fixes username/password tool tips for create account on showcart.asp.
  • Fixes issue with Login Redirect on Worker Portal.
  • Adds filter for “Canceled” orders on the sales_order.asp page.
  • Adds new Feature Setting for configuring the Ship Date Selector Cutoff Period. Defaults to 120 days.
  • Fixes childskumatch querystring to encode the value.
  • Fixes issue where “Allow Product Edits” Featured shows twice on the Workspace Settings page.
  • Fixes issue where removing a save-for-later item caused the showcart page to load with no products in the cart.
  • Updates ordering object to version 352 to fix an issue on the payment page where if the business day settings are changed and the payment page is refreshed, the requested and expected dates were not being updated correctly.


  • Updates the WORKER-COLLECT-SHIP-ACCOUNT feature to be part of the BASE module.
  • Adds role properties to Question Builder Tables for Web Content Accessibility Guielines (WCAG).
  • Fixes issue with testing Shipping Credentials when one of the values contained invalid URL characers (#, &, etc).
  • Removes Power Customer Features from Application Settings Groups if the module is not purchased.
  • Fixes issue with main site record missing the domain_name field or the snap_sites field.
  • Updates the renumbering datamove to use a new version of the sql id that fixes an issue when updating shipping_addresses

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