Release 2024.06


This article provides an overview of the changes in release 2024.06 (CIMcloud internal tag 4.11)

Release date: 6/03/2024

Updates and Fixes

  • Adds Feature Toggles and Settings for RMAs. This requires the RMA Bundle to be in scope. There are both Workspace Settings for what displays in the worker portal and Application Settings for what shows to users on the sitefront.

Product Releases Release 2024.06 Rma Settings

  • Updates mgr_product_ae.asp page to toggle exploded view diagram specific fields (position letter, quantity and notes) when that display type is selected. Previously these extra fields showed even if the Exploded View Feature was not enabled.

Product Releases Release 2024.06 Exploded View Setting

  • Adds conversation log history UI to view order detail – This allows workers with access to see the conversation logs for completed orders. Conversation logs for an order are available when you view the order from the Online Orders page and click on the Order Number. Conversation logs can be enabled as part of several bundle features including CRM and Supervisor Approval.

Product Releases Release 2024.06 View Conversation Log

  • Adds support for collecting a list of emails to be CCed on a specific order. The email input field displays based on a new setting on the Order Action called show_order_cc_email and posts to a new field on the order header called order_cc_email. Updates Order Confirmation email and quote notification email to pull the new orders.order_cc_email field as order_specific_cc use the <order_specific_cc> tag in the cc_addresses field. NOTE: Currently CIMcloud needs to enable the field on the different order actions. If you want this field to show, please enter a ticket with the workflows you want this to show for.

Product Releases Release 2024.06 Order Specific Cc

  • Adds Gallery/List View toggle to Bulk Add to Cart when using Browse/Search from check out, using Bulk Add to Cart, or editing a shipment at checkout.

Product Releases Release 2024.06 Browse Search

Product Releases Release 2024.06 View Toggle Batc

  • Adds support for faceted search when adding products from the “Browse/Search” option on payment.asp. This is controlled by a New Setting under faceted search – “Use Faceted Search when browsing for products from checkout?

Product Releases Release 2024.06 Faceted Batc

  • Adds message explaining why the username and account cannot be edited when editing a House user on contact_edit.asp

Product Releases Release 2024.06 House Contact Message

Universal Search Updates

This is for worker portal searching so you can go directly to Online Orders or Products using the search bar at the top of the worker portal.

  • Updates “Orders” label, for sales_orders.asp, to be “Sales Order History”.
  • Adds “Products” search to worker portal using mgr_products_man.asp. This option shows when the worker has access to the Product Workspace.
  • Adds “Online Orders” search to B2B portal and Worker Portal using mgr_manage_orders.asp.

Product Releases Release 2024.06 Usearch Products Wp



Product Releases Release 2024.06 Usearch Onlineorders Wp

Product Discount Display during Checkout

This update fixes some display issues with Customer Discounts. A previously created feature allows for showing customer discounts broken out or not during the checkout process. This makes updates for consistency. This does not control the application of customer trade discounts just the display. In both cases the product pages show the product price with the discount applied. With the feature off during the checkout process the discount is broken out to show it separately and the product at full price. With the feature on the discount just stays part of the product price. The screenshots below show the same product with the feature on and off. For Sage100 when orders with a trade discount are imported the product must from in at full price and Sage applies the discount rom the customer record.

  • Updates GLOBAL_SHOW_PRODUCT_DISCOUNT option so it impacts the showcart page and confirmation email as well as the payment page.
  • Updates the following options from payment page specific to globals so they can be shared across the checkout pages.

Feature Disabled (Discounts broken out)

Product Releases Release 2024.06 Discounts Displayed


Feature Enabled (Discounts stay in product price)

Product Releases Release 2024.06 Discounts Not Broken Out

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