Intro to Getting Familiar with the CIMcloud Platform – SUPERSEDED


This article has been superseded and replaced by this newer article: CIMcloud Platform Overview.


The purpose of this article (video) is to provide you with an introduction the the “Getting Familiar with the CIMcloud Platform” section in the CIMcloud Help Center > Onboarding Checklist. This section is intended to help business stakeholders, the program manager, and the project managers understand the various components of the CIMcloud platform to help shape the final configuration of the platform. It will provide the information needed to define your strategy, in terms of available functionality, for implementing the CIMcloud platform; more on this in the Intro to Setting Up Your Project article series.


This article will take you through the key portions of the CIMcloud platform to get you acquainted with your new site. Once you have completed this content you should have a good foundation of the integration between your Sage 100 system and the CIMcloud platform, the worker portal, CIMcloud customers, your CIMcloud store, and the available workspaces.

Video Overview


Topics Covered in “Getting Familiar with the CIMcloud Platform”

These are the individual topics covered in the video above:

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