Building the Product Catalog

Step-by-Step Process:

The product catalog can be significantly enhanced beyond the basic information imported when the website is created.  

Use the Products link under the Product Catalog menu of the Product Workspace to add to the basic data for individual products.  The fields on the product add-edit page are detailed below.

Use the Data Imports/Exports function to update multiple products via a CSV file import.

Use these fields to add additional information to the product catalog:

  • Featured Product
    • Set to “Yes” to display this product on various pages to promote up-selling
  • Include in Search Results
    • Set to “No” to prevent search returns of products that cannot be ordered (like automatic add-on components to other items)
  • Description
    • Use this 8,000 character space (editor accepts HTML tags) to add product specifications or marketing collateral text under the product name on the detail page.
  • Order By
    • Sets the order of display on category pages.  When blank  products sort alphabetically by name.
  • Categories
  • Suggested/Related Products
    • Map other SKU’s to this product; they will display as purchase suggestions on this product detail page
  • Searchfields
    • Filter search returns by category, style, manufacturer, etc.  Fields 1 through 4 are typically used for category or style and field 5 for manufacturer.  Fields can be added to the query search string with “like” operator.
  • Parent-Child Settings
    • Selecting either Parent or Child opens the dialog for creating the parent-child relationships (example is parent = shirt; children = sizes)
  • Upload Images/Documents
    • Prepare images, upload to the image library folder, and attach the files to the product
  • Keyword Search Terms Enter a space-delimited list of terms to display this product if entered in the search field.  Do not replicate information in name, sku, or description fields.  Common uses are competitor part numbers, generic names (“Kleenex”), and common misspellings for the product name.
  • Search Engine Settings Contains CIMcloud SEO Tools.  Use the tools in this section to improve results in digital search engines.


A product catalog is generated and configured.



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