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The product catalog included with CIMcloud allows your customers to find, get information on, and order your products.  The video provides a walk-through of the product catalog that you customers see in your Customer Sites (B2B Portals and/or Public Web Stores), and the administrative tools that your Workers access to manage product data in the Product Workspace.  It briefly covers product and pricing data that is synced from your Sage ERP system.  It also includes a view of the Raw Product Catalog vs. Rich Product Catalog display options you have.  Note: Many B2B companies find that they can launch the CIMcloud platform faster if they go live with the Raw Product Catalog data and tackle the Rich Product Catalog data prep and loading in a future phase. The following video will give you an overview of raw vs rich product data and the available controls in the product workspace.

Video Overview

Topics Covered

As Seen By Your Customers (Customer Sites)

This is a walkthrough of the product catalog, as your customers see it, in your Customer Sites (B2B eCommerce Portals, Public Catalogs, Public Webstores).  There are two general display variations of the product catalog.  They are:

  • Raw Product Catalog – this is a term used to describe a stripped down catalog with just the raw product data, pulled over from your Sage ERP.  It is a simple display that allows you to present your data to customers out of the box.  It uses the core product data synced from your Sage ERP system, including:
    • Name, sku (item #), and pricing
    • Logged in customer’s transaction history (orders, invoices, etc.)
  • Rich Product Catalog – this is a term used to describe a larger set of features, driven by data/content that you prepare and upload, to provide a richer product catalog experience for your customers.  It includes:
    • Images
    • Product Categories (nested)
    • Gallery & List View
    • Parent-Child Products
    • Apparel Matrix
    • Add Row View
    • Document downloads
    • Qty breaks
    • Min / Max Increment Qtys
    • Descriptions
    • Related Products
    • Additional Images

The product catalog mainly consists of three pages. They are:

  • The Search Results Page – This is the page customers will use when browsing for products on your site. Here they can search for key words or browse categories to find products.
  • The Product Detail Page – This page displays various information about a single product. Users will use this to get more information about a product before purchasing.
  • The Category Page – This page displays the category name and an image. It also displays any sub categories and products mapped to the category.

As Seen By Your Workers (Product Workspace)

This is a walkthrough of the general administration tools you have to manage the product catalog data that is not synced from your Sage ERP system.  This includes a quick walk-through of these areas.

  • Products – including mentions of these features
    • Display Online
    • Featured
    • Include in Search Results
    • Description
    • Categories
    • Related Products
    • Additional Search Fields
    • Pricing (From Sage)
    • Parent / Child Settings
    • Images
    • Additional Images
    • Document Downloads
    • Keyword Search Terms
    • Static / SEO Data
  • Product Categories
    • Top Level or Nested
  • Related Products
  • Pricing Overrides (synced from Sage)
    • Standard Pricing (on the Product Itself)
    • Customer Price Level to Product Price Group
    • Customer Price Level to Product Item Number (sku)
    • Customer Number to Product Item Number (sku)

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