The email a friend functionality allows customers, when viewing a product on the website, to send an email with the relevant product information and a link to the product, to another customer (the friend).  The link can be found in the top right corner of the Product Detail Page in the CIMcloud Application

When clicked, the customer is prompted with a modal input form where they will fill out:

  • The friend’s name
  • The friend’s email
  • The customer’s own name 
  • The customer’s own email
  • An optional note to the friend 
  • A captcha security code (to prevent spam bots from using this tool)

Once this information is filled out and submitted, an email will be sent to the friend with the relevant product information and a link to the product.

Step-by-Step Process:

All instances that the email a friend feature has been used can be managed and modified by [the worker] in the [worker portal] by navigating to:

CRM Workspace –> Customer Timeline –> Email-a-Friend Requests 

When clicking the link, [the worker]  will be directed to the Email-a-Friend Requests manage page.  Here [the worker] can view all relevant information about the instances the email a friend request feature was used.  Specifically they can:

  • View  the date, account, customer, from email, and to email 
  • Edit the request to make modifications 
  • Delete the request 

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