Product Weight


Weight is a setting that can be configured on a product to determine the cost of shipping for an order (that contains said product) when applicable. 


Step-by-Step Process:

  1. To set the weight of a product, [the worker] will navigate to:

    Product Workspace →  Product Catalog →  Products 

  1. Once here, [the worker] can choose a product they would like to add a weight to -or- add a new product and set a weight for. [Adding/Editing Products]
  2. On the Product Add/Edit page, navigate to the ‘Shipping Settings’ section.
  3. Here, [the worker], can add the weight of the product to use in calculating the shipping cost.

[insert screenshot of shipping settings section on product add/edit page]



A weight is added to a product to be used for determining shipping costs. [link to shipping article]


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