Related Products

Related Products are a feature that the CIMcloud Application offers which allows [a worker] to configure products to show in a ‘Related Products’ section on another product’s page.

Step-by-Step Process:

To add a list of Related Products to a product:

  1. In the [worker portal] navigate to:

    Product Workspace →  Product Catalog →  Products 

  1. Once here, [the worker] can choose a product they would like to add Related Products to -or- add a new product and set a list of Related Products that relate to it. [Adding/Editing Products]
  2. On the Product Add/Edit page, navigate to the ‘Suggested / Related Products’ section.
  3. Here you can find a SKU by pressing the ‘Find’ button, searching for the SKU, and then selecting it.  Once it is selected, press the ‘+’ below.  If you wish to remove a Related Product, select the product in the ‘Selected Products’ list and press the ‘-‘ icon.
  4. Note: A product can have no related products, a single related product, or many related products.


Related Products are added to a product so they can be shown in the ‘Related Products’ section on a product’s page in the CIMcloud Application.

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