List / Gallery View

The search results page has two ways your products can be viewed, list and gallery. The platform allows customers to toggle these views based on their preferences, but you are able to control this and more in application settings.

The gallery view uses product cards in a grid

Product Catalog List / Gallery View Gallery View
Image 1 – Search Results Gallery View

List View

The list view uses a more traditional table view.

Product Catalog List / Gallery View List View
Image 2 – Search Results List View

Application Settings

Product Catalog List / Gallery View List Gallery App Settings
Image 3 – Search Results View Application Settings

There are two feature settings related to the search results views. They are:

  • Allow users to toggle between list and gallery view – This will show / hide the gallery / list toggle UI on the search results page.
  • Default Product Results View – This sets the platform’s default search results view, available options are Gallery or List.

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